Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 26

Last Nights Caper
I didn't end  up playing.

Day 26

Since Rod's house was right by mine, I decided to check if he was home. He was. I'll admit. I never really liked the idea of having Rod in my town (my brother had him in Wild World, and I had him in City Folk, where I spent a good hour running around town looking for him only to find he was in the cafe... day well spent. not), but looking at his bright happy face again has really made me happy. Currently Skyfall has three mouse villagers, and Rod's the only one I like. His house is in a pretty nice spot, too, so he can stay.

Gulliver was also washed ashore (really wasn't expecting him). I woke him up and he asked me to tell him where he had come from from a series of questions;

My options were;
-New Zealand


Guess who guessed correctly?

I believe he'll send me a set of bagpipes in the mail. I really want a chocolate coin so hopefully sometime soon I either stuff up by accident, or get a double and goof on purpose.

Shrunk also gave me yet another happy emotion, more precisely, the glee emotion. His shows are becoming more and more entertaining I must admit. I actually find myself silently chuckling to his comedic performances. I never thought I'd see the day.

I had no luck guessing today's fortune either, though I did get the same fortune twice, again. It turned out to be the Super Star (wasn't this called a Starman before?).

Nooklings also had the neutral wall in stock which I bought. Julian wanted to trade it for his blue flooring right before I was about to enter my house, but I denied the offer.

Shampoodle was also officially open. I would have taken more pictures of her introduction but my SD card got full halfway through her dialogue and only got the first few scenes.

After making space on my SD card (which took a good amount of time because I am dumb lol), I went back to get a haircut. Usually I'd use a guide to get a haircut I really like, and never to visit Harriet again. But in New Leaf, I decided to turn over a new leaf (please, that puns been made many times but I've never used it, deal with it), and went in blind, getting a surprise haircut.

Looking back on it now, it really wasn't that bad (at least when I wasn't wearing the glasses anyway), once I put the glasses on I kinda looked like a grandpa... I hit up my wardrobe to find a hat to hide the mess Harriet had produced. I guess we'll have to try again tomorrow for a better haircut.

Back in town I decided to finally build the Stonehenge public works project. Since I had just over 6,000,000 bells, the approximate 700,000 bells to build it seemed cheap.

The pile of pipes Rodeo requested yesterday

There were a few places I wanted to build it, one being in the flower patch in the middle of town, and the other being to the left of the river, but I decided to build it in the northern part of town.

I paid it off in full and we shall celebrate it's construction tomorrow. Can't wait!

I headed on over to the Cafe to get my first to-go coffee cup, when Greta stopped me just before I was about to enter. She wanted to play a game of hide-and-seek. Considering last times mishap, I was hesitant to accept her offer, but decided to anyway.

I think I found everyone in just over a minute, so it wasn't really that bad. 

She then rewarded me with a slide puzzle.

I kind of wish games like this acted like island tours, in which the quicker you complete them, the greater reward you get. Getting a slide puzzle for finding everyone in roughly a minute seems a little stupid personally. Oh well, at least I haven't been given any Gyroids like I was constantly given in City Folk.

I then headed back on over the the cafe to get my first ever to-go cup. I like the idea of the to-go coffee, but I also really like the idea of being able to sit in the cafe and sip your coffee... Not sure what I'll do tomorrow but guess we'll find out.

Nothing much happened for the rest of the evening, other than Gala suggesting we build a fairy-tale bench. The residents of Skyfall have been suggesting a lot of bench projects lately (metal, blue, pipes, fairy-tale), maybe they really want a bench? I guess I should build one, but I honestly just want the log bench. Ughh decisions decisions... I've yet to take an image, but will post it tomorrow.

Unrelated News
I got a nice amount of y major done today (which you'd know if you follow me on Tumblr), so I'm pretty happy about that. Now I just need to study for math, and finish my science assignment, and start the biology one... No thanks. I head back to school in what, 5, 6 days? I don't know. I go back on Tuesday, so need to get back into the routine of early posts. I think I'll play after I post this, so yea.... Bye! (Rodeo should also be gone tomorrow).

I'm still working on the Dream Address System, calm down


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