Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 27

Last Night Caper
Caught yet another scorpion, as well as the elusive scarab beetle. Score!

Day 27
Lately I've been forgetting to take a picture of my house exterior when I play as an opening for the day, it's a nice easy way to start off the post. I forgot again today, so I'll start with some random pictures.

Another famous mushroom

Finally getting some more cosmos hybrids

Firstly I hit up Main Street to do the daily rituals, first stop, Club LOL.

Afterwards I went to Nooklings, where I bought out both fortune cookies as usual. I got the first guess wrong, but the second guess right (only because it was a duplicate, the Fi Mask).

I then went to Shampoodle to fix my grandpa hairstyle. I'll admit, today's hairstyle is an improvement from yesterdays, but only marginally.

I then visited the rest of the stores (nothing interesting) before heading back to town to celebrate the newly built Stonehenge.

I'm actually happy with where I chose to place it. It looks aesthetically pleasing, as well as being placed in a nice spot. I think I'll put some bushes around it once I unlock the T.I.Y (is that the next expansion? I don't know).

I also came across yet another lost item, which belonged to Gala. She rewarded me with a durian. I really want to be given persimmons, I would get them off someone, but as it's kind of an elusive fruit I more or less want to obtain it from my villagers, or wait until I can buy it at the store.

Rodeo also seemed to be spending his final day in Skyfall, nice and relaxed at the cafe. 

Unrelated News
And yea, that's honestly all for today, I really didn't play that much. I played for an hour give or take in the morning (afternoon, actually. I woke up really late), and I then decided to go head first into my major, and completed my first draft. Now just another two drafts to go, then to wash, rinse and repeat the process for a log, introduction, and conclusion, yay.... Nah, I joke. I actually enjoy doing it, I chose a topic I'm interested in (I chose male feminism for those interested), so it really doesn't seem like work, it seems more like research.

I did however go on in the evening, out of pure boredom and the decision to take a break from my work. I made a video, titled "An Animal Crossing Drama - The Adventures of jke & rcky: Part #1", which you can view here for those who've yet to see it. Not sure if I'll make future parts (though the image in my head of making a twerking video slightly amuses me), but we'll see.

I also forgot to update my dream data, so I'll go on shortly to do that. Cya!

Fairy-tale bench which Gala requested yesterday


  1. I have persimmons if you're interested in some? Even though you said you'd rather get them yourself.

    1. i was them!! please email me :> <3

      and f you have bamboo id be delighted <33333

  2. Hey just wanted to say I love reading your posts and do so every day.

    Im yet to catch a scorpion (keep getting stung lol) or a scarab but I did catch a tarantula last night (yay)

    Keep up the good work anyway


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