Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 29

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Day 29

To start off the day, Shari thought it'd be a nice idea to try sell me a Graceful Painting for 4,704 bells. She insisted it was real. I figured for such a mark up on price it'd have to be legit. I bought it, and turned out to be fake. Thanks.

Shrunk showed me the sighing  joke. It may not be a happy reaction, which is what I'm after, but hey, it's still pretty cute. 

Nooklings had another rococo item in stock today, this time it was the candlestick. I guess the flooring, wall paper and candlestick don't count as spotlight items which is why I've been able to get them?
I guess I'll collect the whole rococo series, just not sure on where I'll put them. I guess in one of the three rooms I've yet to open up. I'm thinking the back room.

I also go another Fi Mask form the fortune cookie, along with a heros tunic.

Please. Let's just skip past Shampoodle's haircut today, alright?

Sable finally gave me a mannequin today. Glad I finally got one, I need to work on getting the other three. Or at least the other two since I don't have access to Gracie yet. I really don't see me getting the others any time soon, I really don't buy clothes. I guess I should start though, good for completing the catalog.

Yup. I put Link's outfit on it. That's how original I am. Next one shall be for the Samus costume.

Rodeo was also finally leaving today (I thought he was leaving on the 11th lol). Why can't it be Ricky instead.... Oh well, it opens up more space to expand my flowers in that area, as well as opens up a spot for another villager to move in. Hopefully they'll move in to the west coast, it looks really bland over there.

Brewster said he'd let me work tomorrow, so that shall be my first ever shift at the roost (unless they're closed on Sunday's, but I think they're only closed on holidays).

I then finished off the day by watching K.K. Slider perform.

Unrelated News
Really need to start putting more effort into these. It's blatantly obvious from the statistics and view count these are loosing popularity. I guess it's just school and soon they'll be longer like they once were. I'm not gonna lie though, the shorter posts are much easier on my behalf. But I'm more of a pleasing others' type of person as opposed to pleasing myself, so I guess long posts appeal to more people, so that's what shall happen, as soon as I get more time to play. Cya!


  1. ugh I so want Julian in my town. He camped out once but I didn't ask him to move in. Silly me!

  2. OMG! I talk to sable every day! Even when I don't want to read a qr code! But she still hasn't given me a mannequin yet!

    1. Same she never gave me one

      Well i also never knew about mannequins in New leaf until 2day

    2. i got a mannequin by accident LOL

  3. Oh you have Julian too?! I looove him, glitter!

  4. These posts r really cool! I have Rodeo in my town and Patty is moving out of mine!

  5. I wish I was as advanced as you guys. I don't have the club or any music on my do turntable. I would love to get the hero's outfit (it's my dream outfit). I have the frog costume pants, I wish I could get the hat. I have the toad hat and the Makar mask.

  6. I really like your blogs, they seem interesting! I LOVE your background! Plus how to you get to be besties with sable?

  7. I got one like a month ago,they said ''here,have a
    mannequin.'' And I was like whaaat, then she said
    ''you can hang and display your cloths,shoes,and
    accessory's on them.'' and I said oh that thing.
    so ya its pretty cool!


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