Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 34

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing (like I planned to), but as they say... Ain't nobody got time for that.

Day 34
I honestly feel like I played a fair bit today, but I only have a limited amount of screenshots (don't know what happened there). So excuse the short (well I'm assuming it'll be short) post. 

First thing today when heading to Main Street, Julian wants my attention, and suggests we build a Moai Statue. To be completely honest, I kinda want to build it, I think it'll look cool. But I'm not too sure about it yet, still need to build that wisteria trellis.

Forgot to take a picture, will do later.

Katrina was also in town. I have missed Katrina, and I do want her shop to open up in Main Street. This is what, day 34? And this is the third time I've had her. I'm gonna assume she won't open up shop until at least October (maybe a birthday present lul).

She seemed to give me a good luck love fortune (last time she gave me bad luck in love I think?), so I didn't bother finding an official top... One day I'll wear your lucky item... Just not now.

I was just about to head to Main Street when I remembered Cyrus still had the rolling suitcase. The blue look was nothing special. I then handed it back to him to make it green.

Shrunk taught me the approval joke. Another happy reaction, and a cute one at that. I don't know, it seems as though I can't win, now I'm missing the moody, depressing jokes... Maybe I just change my mind too much... Oh well, we'll see what we get tomorrow.

I headed into Nook's Homes to see what they had, and Nook informed me of my new loan. It's really not that high (I thought it was going to be over 400,000 bells). I guess I'll pay it off whenever I decide I need more space. I didn't take a photo of the new room as I've yet to move my sleek series inside, but will do soon.

Fortune cookies held nothing much, I got duplicates again, one for the hero's hat, and another as a dud, which gave me a blue vase.

Shampoodles haircut seemed to suit nice, I think it toned in quiet nice with the top I had just bought. So I guess that's a plus, but I'm changing the style once again tomorrow, like I always do. I've done all the intense colors, so I'll chose the third color option, I think it's a little more risky.

And yer... That's all.

Unrelated News
Really don't know what happened... This post is out a little later than planned though, but I was pretty busy today. Anyway, I am going on after this to work at the cafe, pick up the suitcase and move the sleek series into the side room, so that's something for the next edition of last nights capers. So cya!

Oh and I just remembered why I didn't play as much today. I was sittin' on the couch just as usual, then my 3DS battery was runnin' out the the lights started flashin' (it was like a disco) and I kid you not, I screamed 'ZOMGL' and bolted into my bedroom to shove the charger in and left it on my bed for the rest of the afternoon. Just some trivia for you.


  1. I agree,Katrina has been in my own thrice and I'm day 40!

  2. Your blog posts are getting really boring, I'm sorry to say. You go to the shops, go to Shrunk... It's like the same post over and over.

  3. I think that you should go to the island online and post stuff about that.

  4. I JUST got the dream suite so #1 im behind, an #2 the second town i visited was yours (my mom locked the parent controls so i cant get my dream address YET i will find out a way!!!!)

  5. I love your posts


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