Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 35

Last Nights Caper
Here's the Moai Statue;

I also took my shift at the cafe, and got given a siphon.

Day 35

Initially, I realized I haven't built a public works project in a while, and thanks to the lovely Rocket who suggested we build a wisteria trellis, I decided to go ahead and make her dreams come true. I kinda knew there I wanted the trellis to go, just not the exact spot. I pretty much picked a random spot to place it, thankfully it looked nice, and built it there.

I then proceeded to pay it off later in the afternoon.

u jly rcky??

I decided to visit Re-Tail to see how the suitcase was going. So far I've managed to get all colors but pink (which is ready now, just haven't picked it up). Honestly, I don't really like any of the styles. I guess I like the yellow design most at the present, but the stickers just ruin it for me. Oh well.

Shrunk also taught me an angry emotion today, yay. It's also not an over the top angry emotion so that's a double win. But who care what I get, really. As long as we fill in the joke book, all is fine.

The fortune cookies held nothing special for me, I got #4 (a dud) and #15 (yellow pikmin). Getting the #4 fortune again did bring me back to the first day in Skyfall where I got the same fortune, it was some nice nostalgia.

I also got another bowl cut from Shampoodle. I guess it's pink and not brown so it looks nice (it actually looks cute and it reminds me of Robyn for some reason). Still too lazy to clarify when exactly I'll get contacts available, but should be sometime next week.

And finally, I ended the day working at the cafe, I also got rewarded with a coffee cup which I put up stairs with the minimalist series. It goes rather nice if I do say so myself.

As I also mentioned in a previous post, I'd show off my side room once I had moved the sleek series into it. I must admit, I got lucky today. I originally had the ship deck and office wall on the floor/wall respectively (I moved it in last night but was too lazy to include it in the last nights caper lol).

But today, Nooklings had the sleek wall and a charcoal tile, which makes the room look really nice. Off the top of my head I don't know what the sleek floor looks like (will probably google it), but I am liking the charcoal tile. I also have a sleek bed to add, just gonna wait until I get more space.

Unrelated News
These posts are getting really repetitive  Honestly, it's just re-tail, main street, cafe, and then a few bits in between. I'm gonna try play more, my major is due on the 29th, so should get more once I've completed that, because to be honest, that takes up the majority of my time right now. I also need to work on the dream address system (I had a better idea so I had to remake it...), but I really really really want to get that up on the weekend (pigs might fly, too)... Let's see. But seriously, this new method is so much easier and less programming to do, there really isn't an excuse not to do it. Well yeah, cya!


  1. Your pink bowl cut reminds me of G-Dragon from Big Bang. He has a different hair style now, but yeah, just wanted to point that out xD;

  2. I have the sleek floor, and it is just, ugh. Hideous. White floor with a big, black, furry rug in the middle, I feel like it doesn't go well with the series at all.

  3. I'm trying to get the sleek and minimalist furniture at the moment I cant wait for it to be finished!


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