Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 37

Last Nights Caper
So I go on to update my Dream Address, only to find it's been changed... WHY!! (dream views also reset so we're no longer at 8,000... oh well)

I was curious as to what had happened to my old Dream Address. Had it been deleted? Did it belong to someone else's town? I decided I'd find out by inputting my old Dream Address. Amazingly, it actually led to my own town (I'd tried to visit my own town before and Luna wouldn't let me), I guess since my address changed it registers it as a different town.

It was really weird, too. It was honestly the weirdest feeling like I could run around and destroy my own town knowing nothing would happen. I also saw myself in a dream, and all my villagers seemed to know who I was.

I will admit. I was pretty annoyed when I was told  my Dream Address had changed (I really wanted to hit 10,000 visits...), but what can you do. I'll just add my total of my new dream address to the visits in my old one (though my old one can still be visited so that'll rise, too). But once my new address hits 2,000 visits I know I'll have hit 10,000. Anyway, onto day 37!

Day 37

This new roof actually looks so much better than I imagined! So happy!

As I was roaming around town as I usually do before I start the day, Greta told me she was considering moving. I kinda wanted her to stay, just because I liked the three little houses in a neat line towards the south coast of town, but at the same time I didn't really like her and wanted a new villager. So I decided to let her move. She didn't change her mind once I told her to move either (thank god), so she'll be leaving on the 25th. There goes another original villager (don't worry, Gala will be staying for as long as she can, as will Julian).

It's not just me, but I've gotten tan, yeah?

I also decided to check the notice board for the bug-off results (I forgot to attend the ceremony last night because of the Dream Address saga oops), although I already knew I came first since I got my gold trophy mailed to me (also for those wondering I got the lady bug carpet, because today literally every single villager tried to buy it off me...)

I was surprised 2nd and 3rd place were so low...

I also came across a lost item. This time not a bag, it was a lost mitten. I didn't have too far to go until I found it's owner. Julian was only a few steps away, so I asked it it belonged to him, and it did. He gave me a No. 2 Shirt in return.

And then we begun the usual jobs for the day, but really today was much more boring that usual (maybe because it was Sunday and I slept in once again and I needed to do lots of school work and I just didn't want to)

I got another already styled hair cut at Shampoodles, but I guess that's what happens when you can't remember your answers. I also got a new color. I don't really like it (it's too light), maybe it'd look nicer if I was a little less tanned?

Shrunk also taught me another cute emotion (bless his soul). I feel like we're becoming better friends each day I visit him. I know it's weird to say that but I feel like I've formed a connection with Shrunk. You feel me?

I then decided the head back to Skyfall to celebrate the completion of the wisteria trellis, then head off for the day (or so I thought...)

I don't know why, but in the late evening I got the sudden urge to landscape my entire town... I'm moderately happy with how it looks now, but I didn't take a tonne of screen shots, just a few as I went. I guess I'll share them below as a little teaser until I finish my town. I also might not update my dream address until it's done, so yeah. Hope you guys like it when it's done!

Unrelated News
Wow I managed to write a lot today (I wasn't expecting that much). I didn't get no where near as much school work as I intended to (my major is due in a week from tomorrow, really starting to stress out). I just had a huge blank and got stuck on my major though. I guess I could have worked on my resource list, but I didn't (kinda regretting that now), I guess I should do it tomorrow to make up for it, don't think there's anything on TV after my soapie finishes at 7:30... but it would be nice to post then. Ughh. Really can't wait until my major is done with. But then I have trial exams a week later so asdfghjkjl; yay. #life (I also forgot to work at the cafe once again so guess what I'm about to do now...) 


  1. I won with 81 points as well!!!!!! I also won both times with a Raja B Butterfly! BTW: How do you use your designs on furniture?

  2. I won with the same buttefly but for 111 points! I also had a project I couldn't celebrate however I managed to get the offer to upgrade both the museum and the dream shop! I picked the museum first because I want the bistra, it was my fav place in WW


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