Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 39

Last Nights Caper
Didn't play.

Day 39

The glorious rain had stopped... Let's all have a moment of silence to appreciate the rains...
Ok we're good. Let's go.

Redd was in town today. It had been a while since he'd been in town. I managed to easily figure out which painting was real (mainly because there isn't a fake for it). I thought it was a painting I already had so I was gonna auction it off or something, but it was a new painting. So I kept it (it was the fine painting btw). Still no sculptures, though...

Fake - the real one has short hair

Fake - the clam shell faces the there way in the real one

Real - there is no fake

Fake - the head is turned the other way in the proper

Shrunk also taught me a sad joke (I like how now there's a good contrast between happy and sad emotions). I also completed the first page of the joke book so glory days.

I also got a unique fortune today which I didn't already have, I've been getting a lot of duplicates lately. I think now I only have about 8 or so rewards left to gain (blue pikmin, pikmin, midna's mask, majora's mask, heros boots, super mushroom, 1 up mushroom, triforce, probably more that's all I remember off the top of my head). Why is it the ones I want most are the ones I get last...

Also got a hairstyle I've already had from Shampoodle. I know I keep saying I'll use the guide but it's more fun this way... I don't know, maybe one day I will. Anyway, I went back onto natural hair colors, and got a pretty dark brown. At first I thought it looked weird, but then it reminded me of a friend (he is really tan and has dark hair that tones in with his skin, and then I thought it looked good.

Greta then also thought she'd give me some hair-tips back in town. I don't think I'll listen to her though. She's leaving in two days so yolo.

I finally got around to going diving. I didn't catch anything new, just a few common sea grapes and pieces of sea weed, and the odd pearl oyster. However on the way to Re-Tail to empty out my pockets, Rosie gave me a somewhat generous offer for some sea grapes. I believe they only sell for like 200 bells or something at Re-Tail, so I couldn't refuse a thousand bell sale! Thanks Rosie, you've safely secured your spot in Skyfall for a few extra months.

Mac then suggested we build another public works project, the wind turbine. Is it just me, or does Mac seem to request the majority of the public works projects? Who knows... Anyway, I kinda like it, not sure if I'll build it though (I'd like to think I will but idk).

Rocket then asked me to deliver a shirt to Rod for her (I don't know why, Rod was visible on screen). Regardless, Rod rewarded me with a persimmon for my troubles. Thank you Rod, you too have secured your place in town for a few more months!

With only getting one persimmon and being paranoid about it dying (yeah I could buy one off someone but I prefer to obtain it legitimately), I decided to cut down a tree and place it in it's spot so I know I wont miss and hit a dead spot. I hope it grows!

I then though I'd hit up the Dream Suite as I hadn't visited any dream villages in a while. I also wanted to see if Nintendo had fixed up the crash when you try visit a random dream village. I managed to fall asleep, and then I begun dreaming, success!

Coincidentally, I woke up in a town named 'Nintendo'... I thought it was a rather off coincidence, so I looked around town, and realized it was the official NoE dream village (tbh, without sounding rude, the European if the worst of them).

I then woke up again, and decided to dream through a random dream village again. As I expected, I ended up back in the NoE dream village. So I guess Nintendo has fixed the random dream village glitch, but has fixed it so you always end up in their town from it...

I then wanted to visit a Korean town (I don't know why...). I had some Korean dream addresses saved to my computer, but it was updating at the time so I wasn't able to get them. I then decided search up dream villages in Korea, and picked a random one. I'm unable to read Korean so I don't know what the village is called (could ask my Korean friend but I ain't that desperate).

This is literally the whole town...

That's about all for today, however, I did notice I hadn't seen Ricky around lately. I went into his house and he was sick... I don't know if I should cure him or not... One side of me wants the reward, whilst the other side of me wants to make him suffer. Anyway, I doubt keeping him sick will influence him to leave, so I might as well cure him (starting tomorrow because I'm too lazy to do it today). His illness was also the hot topic of gossip for the villagers, except Gala, who hasn't been gossiping lately.

Unrelated News
Didn't work at the cafe again today either. I was playing today mostly whilst my computer was updating, and since it was updating I couldn't access the cafe guide, so I just left it (not really desperate for cafe rewards anyway). As for non-AC related news, my major is going really well, I spoke to the teacher today, and he said it was looking really good, was an interesting read, and will more than likely leave me with a high mark. I guess I should have worked on it today (I didn't), I feel somewhat guilty now, but I mean, it's pretty much done, just need to tweak it and yeah... I'll do it tomorrow I promise! Cya!


  1. I can trade you a few of the fortune cookies prizes you don't have if you want :)

  2. The korean town's name means "Lovely". :)

  3. Can I suggest you an awesome Korean town? Its adress is 8400-2230-0605. And I think your kaki will die because it's between two flowers and behind a path. ):

  4. Since I'm Korean, I can tell you that town means Beautiful.


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