Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 40

Last Nights Caper

Day 40

It was cloudy so I was holding out for rain... didn't get any...

Today will be short because I didn't get time to play much because [insert your guess here]. If you guessed my major, the you are correct and you get a pat on the back. Go you!

First thing I did was run on over to where I planted the persimmon to see if it grew. Thankfully it did! I'll probably buy down the cherry tree next to it and place a persimmon in it's place and make a row or persimmons. I think they'll look good where they are.

Shrunk taught me the sunniness joke. Another happy one. I'm glad he's balancing the happy and the sad ones now - I don't know why I prefer it this way, I guess I just get anal about these things.

Harriet also gave me the option to use color contacts. I had totally forgotten about this and it was great I finally got the option. I was going to change my hair first, but I was unsure if I could do eyes and hair in the one day, so I decided to do my eyes first just to be safe. Turns out I could only do one per day, so luckily I chose the eyes. I got a nice blue color. I'll probably change my contacts again tomorrow to try for another color.

Back in town Julian asked me to bury a time capsule for him. This is my second, not sure what happened to Rosie's one. I know it's meant to disappear for a while until they ask you to dig it back up, but I didn't think it'd take this long. Oh well, from what I've seen the time capsules usually only reward you with a shirt or something basic, so not really desperate.

Maybe it was just because it was dark, but I believe the town tree changed color. Now it has the dark coloring of the summer trees as opposed to the lighter coloring the spring trees had. I do like it this color. Can't wait until I get to day 50 and I can sit on it, checking Skyfall's progress! (if it hasn't gotten darker than this paragraph is awkward).

Unrelated News
I did plan on playing after dinner but I found some sloth sanctuary show on TV and just had to watch it (damn those things are cute!). There were a few more things I wanted to do today, though. I did want to check the beach for Gulliver, as well as work at the cafe. I guess that's just how it goes, though.

Anyway, really don't have much to report on here, I just want to inform you that my major is going really well (staying back at school on Friday to hopefully finish it). It's pretty much done, I just need to do fine tuning and work on a proper Introduction  Log, and Conclusion, then put it in proper format, ready to submit on Monday! I am thinking of posting it on Tumblr or something in case others want to read, but I don't know if anyone will be interested in that... Oh well, I guess I'll  decide later. Cya!


  1. I was watching the sloth sanctuary show just then, and I just love them, they are gorgeous and have gorgeous happy faces!


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