Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 42

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Day 42

Today will also be another short, boring post, so please stay with me. In about a week or two these should be back to being long and enjoyable. I'm really sorry they're short at the moment.

Shrunk showed me the Joy Joke. It is a happy joke, but not one of my favorites (I'll be honest, I just get confused about the random flowers flying about...)

I also get another unique fortune cookie item, the green shell. This is one of the ones I'm missing. I actually went through the list the other day to see which ones I am missing. Turns out I'm missing way more than eight...

I then got contacts. I got given black ones today. To be honest, even though they black ones look plain, they're so so so cute! They look beautiful and adorable! Omg!!

And finally, Shari sold me another painting. She offered me the Nice Painting, so about 5,000 bells. I was almost 100% sure there isn't a fake for the Nice Painting, so I decided to but it (even though I thought I already had it donated). Turns out I didn't and Blathers accepted it with happiness.

Unrelated News
I will admit, this post could have been longer, but I just left it 'til late and I'm really tired and just want to go to sleep. In fact I'm so tired I can't be bothered going into the super duper personal, in-depth details of my life like I usually do here, instead I'll just say farewell.. bye! (I need to start working at the cafe again).


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