Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 44

Last Nights Caper
Does playing Monster Hunter count?

Day 44

My bamboo grew

Well I finished my major today, so that means I can hopefully get back into playing more (but I've started to get back into Monster Hunter so guess I'll have to juggle play time). That said, I still didn't play a lot today.

Shrunk taught me the curiosity joke. I thought I already had learned this one, apparently not. Must have been my imagination. Oh well. It's a nice one to have so happy I finally got it.

Fortunes gave me another dud item. I kinda like dud items. I mean, yeah, the Nintendo items were nice and all, but once you've gained most of them, who really cares. You pretty much want misc. items to complete your catalog. I got a blue bed from it though, not something I plan on putting in my house. Maybe the blue series'll go in my alt. characters house whenever I get around to making them.

I also changed my contacts today. I got given some green ones. I still prefer the black ones.

And finally I ended to day by taking a shift at the cafe. It's been a while since I last worked there, oh well, I still have my touch, I got all the orders correct, and got given some superb coffee beans.

Unrelated News
I completed my major! Really don't care about anything because that's finished. Lol jk. I have trials next week, so I need to study for them... The joy. Idk. I really haven't done anything interesting so nothing to put here to be honest (unless you wanna know my Monster Hunter adventures, then shoot me a message on tumblr). Cya!


  1. Congrats on finishing your major! Very exciting :)

  2. I read it as "And finally I ended my day by taking a shit at the cafe." LOL :P

  3. Congratulations on finishing your major! I recently found this blog of yours and read through every single day, and when I came to this one and went to go to the next one, I got sad that I finally caught up. lol Your town looks so fantastic!!! Great job! Keep up the good work! (Btw, I don't care what anyone else says, your short blogs are still good! So don't worry about it.) :D

  4. How many bells do you get paid for working at the café?


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