Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 45

Last Nights Caper

Day 45

Well it's Monday, so as usual, not much play time, but here goes.

Julian wanted to sell me a painting, for 7,000 bells! I bought it, but guess what... It was fake.... #rude.

The fireworks show also starts this Sunday, not too sure how good I'll be at viewing. I always forget to see K.K. Slider on Saturday nights...

Shrunk taught me the outrage joke. Again, I swear I've had this one already, but it must be the anger joke because when Gandalf came over the other day, his rage emotion was different to mine, so I guess he was using the outrage joke.

I also got another two unique fortunes from the cookies today. I got the flooring, which I needed to go in the museum display room, and the toad hat. Don't really like the toad hat, so yeah..

I also believe I got my default eyes from Shampoodle (that sounds weird lol). It's either the same or very similar. So far blue has been my favorite color (tough choice between blue and black).

Unrelated News
Really didn't get much time to play (only been on for like 45 minutes). Not much to report on. I officially signed my major off today, so bye party time lol. (oh this is really short, hopefully it's a nice easy read for ya'll).


  1. I got a fake painting as well from my most trusted villager.


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