Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 46

Last Nights Caper

Day 46
You know I just realized that by the end of the week we'll be past day 50... How the time flies.

Anyway, Rosie decided to drop the bomb on me... She planned on moving out on the 4th. Excuse me, but didn't you get me to bury a time capsule ages ago? Have you asked me to dig it up for you? No. You ain't leavin' until you give me my reward for burying that for you. But in all seriousness, she is a nice villager and her house is in a nice spot. I wanted her to stay.

Just north of Rosie I came across a lost item.

I asked almost everyone, but no one seemed to own it, it was the final villager I asked, Rod, and he gave me a bamboo wall in return.

The bamboo had also grew. I'll admit, it does look rather nice. It also had a harvest today, so I can plant that and grow more bamboo. Woohoo!

Nooklings is also upgrading. I think it might be a day or two later than it was supposed to (or has it been 21 days since it last opened? idk too lazy to check). Anyway, it'll be closed tomorrow, but should be opened up as the T.I.Y on the 1st. Leif also told me he'd be closed tomorrow as he's planning to expand along with the siblings. I can't wait to get some more bushes in Skyfall!

I also got a fortune I've been holding out for. Midna's Mask. I've wanted this one for a while, I'm really happy I finally got my hands on it.

Katrina also was in town today (shout out on tumblr if you can guess the fortune she gave me... three... two... one...), it was the relationship fortune... again! Please give me a different one, please!

Shrunk also taught me another emotion I was after, the laughter joke. I have wanted this for a while, I think it's one of those ideal ones to have (I believe I always kept it in Wild World, and City Folk, too). His performance was really short, but it was a little funny.

I also seemed to get black contacts again, even though I picked a different option (probably a different shade). Oh well, black is a nice color so I'm happy with it.

And just as I was about to head off, Bree wanted to give me a petition. I've never had a villager give me one before, so I was rather happy she gave me one. She wanted six signatures from another town for her "Make Cheese Mandatory" petition. I've yet to go to another town to get her those signatures, I guess I'll do it when I get someone to open their gate.

Unrelated News
I'm surprised at the length I got this... I only played for like less than an hour. Guess a lot happened. Anyway, not much going on lately. Really need to start studying for trials and ughh. Bye lol sorry that was rude but trials eww. Cya!


  1. even when a villager leaves they will send you a letter later to dig up the time capsule and you can keep the reward

  2. I can sign your petition for you :) I just started playing almost a week ago. My tumblr is rocketshipally, message me there if you're interested~

  3. there are multiple choices for every color of contact lenses iirc

  4. Please come and visit my town in dream suite my town is called called Newton and my name is Aimee and I really love your posts.

  5. You can get color contacts at Shampoodle?


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