Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 52

Last Nights Caper

Day 52

What a great way to start the day, having Gala tell me she plans on moving. I don't think so (though this is her second time wanting to move. Maybe she really wants to?). Either way, I told her not to, and thankfully she listened to me.

I also came across a pair of lost mittens again. I asked around town to see who they belonged to, and no one seemed to own them (completely unrelated but I just completely forgot Shari is in my town - and I need to update the villagers list in the side bar I think??), I then entered Rod's house, and we had found the lucky owner.

He gave me a caveman tank.

Mac also attempted to try give me a new nick name, I don't know why, Diva B fits perfectly. He wanted to call me Champ... I know, right? pretty pathetic. I told him no and told him to continue calling me Diva B (I don't think I'll ever let them forget that).

Shrunk also taught me the cold chill joke (a joke I've been waiting for). His performance was mediocre (I think I was silently chuckling under my breath).

And finally, out of pure luck, we come across Gulliver lying on the beach. As usual, he told me some tale about how he got into his unconscious state, which of course I believe wholeheartedly, and then get given a series of 'memories' from where he was headed, and four options.

My options were;
- Chile
- Spain
- Don't cry for me Argentina
- Cuba

Of course, I chose Spain (them flamencos gave it away), and I was correct. Let's 
await my gift in the mail tomorrow.

Unrelated News

I was originally going to have this at the start of the post (as it was more likely to be read by viewers), but moved it here as it seemed to belong here. So, if you've been following these posts for a while (or even just the last week), then you'll probably know my trial exams started today (1/6 complete!). Pretty much, they go from August 5th - August 16th, but due to my timetable, I have all my exams in the first six days, so I go from August 5th - August 12th (weekends off), and then get the rest of August 12th - August 18th off. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, for the next week, my posts may be short (may, that's not even a possibility, they will be short) - except for maybe the weekends which will have maybe longer posts I don't know, but I wouldn't even be surprised if I ended up skipping a day. Anyway, so yeah, just letting ya'll know, that my posts will be short due to study, not because I'm losing interest. I do plan to get back to blogging once my exams are over.


  1. Hahahaha, I'm afraid that building from Spain won't be finished ever!

    Great blog, I found it three days ago and have read it all already, it's really helpful! ;) thanks for your work~

  2. I never realized until now that your tumblr posts had a whole twenty more layers to each day because I only now noticed the "view post" and clicked it when the sentence cut off instead of finishing. I'm glad I clicked to view this. Much more entertaining than just one pic ^_^


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