Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 53

Last Nights Caper

Day 53

Gulliver sent me my prize in the mail, the Gaudi's Lizard. Honestly, it looks really creepy, and I'm afraid to even have it in my house (seriously, just look at that thing!)

Okay... Maybe it's not that creepy, but I just don't understand it (maybe I should google it?)... Meh.

I also got my hands on a unique fortune, the fire flower.

As I walked into Labelle's boutique via the side Able Sisters entrance  she seemed to greet me. I knew something was up... 

I then saw a do-rag (I think that's what it's called) that I liked, and decided to buy it. Labelle then gave me a bonus me a bonus mannequin along with my purchase (which is what I suspected by her stopping me).

I then took it to the museum to display my Samus outfit on it.

Finally, I ended the day at club LOL, getting the daily joke. This performance really confused me. Like, yeah, I understood it, but what.

Unrelated News
Another short post (but that was expected - if you don't know read the unrelated news section in yesterdays post). I have my first three hour exam today (yesterday was only two). Three of my exams go for three hours, and the other three go for two - tomorrow is another three hour (the joy), so I should head off now. Great that I've done 1/3 of my exams! Cya!


  1. Good luck with your Trials man, just hold out for a little longer and the HSC will be over before you know it!

    Also allow me to geek out about Antoni Gaudi here. He was an influential designer and architect during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He designed a lot of famous buildings, including the Sagrada Familia, the cathedral that was never finished. The lizard, a large mosaic sculptural piece in Park Guell (which he also designed) is something of a symbol of his. His work is amazing, it's very ornate and beautiful! (And the designers of Wreck It Ralph were inspired by his works while working on the Sugar Rush areas of the film.)

  2. Got the same joke today!

  3. Your tan is pretty epic!

  4. Gaudi is a famous spanish artist known for his odd, twisting shapes and colors. That's why the lizard is like that. I've visited houses that he's designed and the lizard is famous ^_^


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