Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 54

Last Nights Caper
Gandalf came over to pick up some gold ores, but he spent a little time looking around town.

Day 54
Strolling through town, I saw the dig mark next to Julian's house - in a similar spot to where I buried the time capsule he asked me to bury. I dug it up, and of course, it was the time capsule.

I then found Julian to hand over his time capsule, and much like Bree, he gave me the contents of the capsule (why are people putting clothes in their time capsules?)

I also caught Saharah wondering around town, so of course I took up her offer of redoing the interior of my house. She gave me the astro floor and concrete wall.

And finally, at Club LOL, Shrunk taught me how to be a heartbreaker.

Unrelated News
Yeah, really short post today (you expected that though). On a lighter note my exams are half done, only three left (two two-hours and one three hour). So off I go to study, byee!


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