Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 59

Last Nights Caper
Slowly dying

Day 59

Here's an image of the lighthouse Bree suggested. I'll probably build it sometime this week (though since I am lazy when it comes to this stuff, wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being another 5 years).

Mac made quick work of me, wanting my attention right away - telling me he plans on moving out in a few days. I told him farewell, and this time he didn't seem at all upset about me slacking off on my exercise routine. Let's hope he keeps his decision.

The bug-off will also be on this upcoming Saturday (doesn't see like too long ago since we had our last one). Still not sure if I'll participate (I probably will lol).

Shrunk also got back into the swing of things, giving me another cute reaction (haven't had a cute one in a while), the distress joke.

I also went back on in the evening to find Saharah wondering around town. She didn't give me anything special, in fact, she gave me two pieces I already had, the Astro Wall and Rococo Flooring.

Unrelated News
Today was just the most horrible day in a while, so stressful, just overall horrible, don't wanna relive it. So I've asked Gandalf to send me a few pics to help lengthen out this post, which I have included below. Hope you enjoy!

Gold room I've been helping with

Quillson is like the Twinleaf version of Ricky!

I kinda like this, putting someone else's pictures at the end of the post, it's nice showing off another persons town. Maybe I'll make this a weekly thing or something, I don't know, but cya!


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