Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 60

Last Nights Caper

Day 60

To start off the day, I came across a lost item (it was in the tulip field and looked pretty lol).

After asking around (I only had Rocket and Bree left to ask), it turned out to be Bree's, and she rewarded me with a new spring tee.

Reese was buying turnips for 140 bells today (yesterday they were 124). I didn't buy any turnips this week (haven't bought any for a while), but I am interested to watch this trend. I do like playing the stalk market, but really hate gambling. I'm guessing it'll spike sometime in the next few days, I'll keep you updated.

Shrunk also told me the Bashfulness joke today (another one from Frillard). I think I only have three jokes left to learn (one being the immensely overrated dance..), not sure on what the others are though.

Yeah... I don't even know.

Finally back in town I found Phinneas, who gave me a new badge!

Unrelated News
I'm in a rambling mood so this'll probably get long.
1) Didn't go to glitch town today. I ended up going out for lunch and didn't get much time to play.
2) I know my posts are getting shorter and crappier day by day... I promise I'll get them back on track someday (right now I've just kinda lost interest because of school).
3) I've been wanting to keep this quiet, but to keep you happy, I am working on another episode of An Animal Crossing Drama (the draft script doesn't have the same feel as the original, but I still think it's decent). No promises yet, but hopefully I'll get it out someday...
4) Need to start working at the cafe again... I need something to fill up the short posts when I get all of Shrunks jokes (I wonder if he tells me them again when I complete the book..?)
5) Cya!


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