Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 61

Last Nights Caper
I honestly have no memory of last night... I did however find this image, I don't even know.

Day 61
It's so weird we're on day 61 already... I honestly think I have jumped a few days, but reading back, I haven't (unless I am dumb). But wow, 61 days of dedication, that's pretty amazing tbh. Lets hope we can get to 100, and then to the full 365!

109 bells... Guess she's going down hill now... Oh well, not like I had turnips anyway. I just want a high price so I can open up and have people visit to help me get to 100 visits so I can change the train station style.

It was Rod's birthday today (he sent me an invite in the mail the other day but I threw it out about 2 seconds later by accident oops). He had Shari over (otp? Is shipping a monkey and a mouse bad? idk), she seemed happy skipping around the house. I was going to give Rod a piece of fruit for his birthday (you know, coz I'm lazy), but I had a shirt in my inventory I didn't want, so I palmed that off to him. He seemed to like it.

Shrunk taught me the pride joke (another one I swear I already had...). This was yet another joke told my Frillard (I guess?). Sadly, it had auto skip and went to the next scene without me pressing A so I wasn't able to get pictures of the whole show like usual (but really it didn't make sense at all so you're not missing much).

And here's a nice rainbow from today.

Unrelated News
I was planning to build the light house today, but I got bombarded by visitors and didn't have time to after as I decided to spend the next 5 hours working on Part #2 of An Animal Crossing Drama.

And yeah, that's what you missed lol. Cya!


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