Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 62

Last Nights Caper
I don't remember lol sorry oops

Day 62
I really wanna remove this whole day system because each time I come to blog, I see the day and I'm just like 'woah really? I've been this consistent with something..." It just honestly shocks me every day (imagine how I'll feel when we hit 100).

Redd was in town today! It's been a while since I've seen him. He had the usual four artworks in stock, and surprisingly two were real. He had the ancient sculpture (finally a sculpture!) and the perfect painting both being real (thought it was weird he had two legit artworks in stock, I' guessing it's because there is no fake for the perfect painting? idk). Anyway, I already had the perfect painting in my museum, so I bought the sculpture. I let Gandalf know about the extra artwork and he came over to purchase it, he also gave me a dynamic painting.

Fake - only one hand is on his hips in the real

Real - there is no fake

Real - the fake has its eyes open

Fake - the white figure is much shorter in the real painting

I also came across Phinneas who gave me a badge for being a good host (I guess I have to thank yesterdays bombardment for that...) I checked at the town tree and we had 53 visits (probably at 55 now). Hopefully we'll be at 100 soon!

Shrunk also taught me one of his final jokes (believe we have two left now. crey). I don't even remember the performance of the joke, so it obviously wasn't that good (sorry creators).

Julian also decided to make himself useful (instead of just looking pretty) and suggested a sphinx. I don't think I'll ever get around to building one, but it's nice to have on the list (gradually filling it up).

Glory days! I also updated my dream address today. If you wanna go visit, remember it changed so my dream address is now 6700-2379-4935, and not the one listed in the header (Torotix is busy and hasn't had time to update the header, but I'm not in a rush).
Anyway, we had just over 300 visits in the new town. I'm gonna go ahead and assume the old address has had 10,000 visits, and that's just amazing. Thanks so much!

You might remember a while ago where I went to visit the Japanese town of Oasis for Tanabata. Well, today I got a buzz that Obon was going on over there, and asked to visit. Mayor Rena kindly opened up her gate and let me visit.

Isabelle have me an eggplant (or aubergine I forget what it's called) cow. I forgot to take a picture but it pretty much just looks like the image at the bottom left of the cutout (it was a DLC in City Folk I think, it's the same thing).

I then ended the evening with Gandalf.

Unrelated News
Can you believe it. An actual worthwhile day? PRAISE THE LORD. lel sweg
- rcky


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