Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 65

Last Nights Caper
I attempted to try celebrate the lighthouse, but no such luck. Isabelle still gave me the same old 'there's an event on today! Why don't you take a break?' excuse.
However, when I spoke to Julian, he told me the ceremony had been canceled - guess it was too late (it was 1am after all).

Day 65
Today seem weird... I mean, there's no Club LOL section, no cafe section (I was going to work to fill in the post, but I figured since the fireworks festival was today I wouldn't be allowed to work). So instead this blog post will focus on two main points; visiting 'glitch town' and the fireworks festival. But before we get into that, a few minor things first.

Pete was at the door, handing out DLC. I thought it might be something new, but it just turned out to be the Rolling Suitcase my brother got his a long time ago and I never got it so I assumed I couldn't since I already had it, and the game recognized that blocking me from getting the DLC - but a finally got it.

Now onto glitch town!

Chikore Village: 3000-0845-9227

There really isn't a lot to say about it, I'm sure the majority of you have gone to visit it yourself, so I guess I'll just chuck in screenshots with a brief analysis idk.

I'd translate but too lazy

I'll admit it, I was really looking forward to seeing the inside of their house, but I was really disappointed to see it was just Gracie themed furniture the whole way through with a few other items...

Now here's some of the glitchy stuff;

Coincidentally, this person also seemed to have Shari in their town. Now I'm not sure if this is meant to happen, but when I spoke to her it was like it was my Shari, as she knew who I was as soon as I talked to her (where as everyone else was surprised to see me).

Maybe it's because it's a glitch village, or maybe that's what happens when you see the same of a different villager that you have in your town. Maybe I'll go to another town in a few days and see if we have the same villager and talk to them to see if they recognize me.

Now time for the fireworks show.

I got the flower bopper. I have noticed there are 4 boppers, and the fireworks show goes for 4 nights. I thought Isabelle would give me a random bopper each night (so I expected some doubles), but as this is the third night and I've gotten a different bopper each time, maybe the game is programmed to give you a different bopper each week so you don't get the same one? Not too sure really, but lets hope I get the 4th bopper next week!

Anyway, here is some trollin' in Gandalf's town lol. Not sure how this even came about, but Jubs and I spent a good amount of time dropping 100 bell coins all around the town (I think I dropped about 10,000 bells worth LOL).

Of course, there were bells everywhere (don't think there was a place you could stand where you couldn't see any bells). Then Harry came over and started stealing them, don't worry though, I caught him in the act and will shame him in this post.


Unrelated News
Yeah today was seemingly boring (I was sick this morning though so that explains it), but I also spent most of the day going to island after island to try get the Cabana Wall, in the end I kind blogger from Tumblr gave one to me, so thank you very much!

As you know, tomorrow's Monday, which means tennis, which means short blog post (unless I still feel sick in which case I wont go), but until then, farewell!


  1. Woah, glitch town seems crazy XD
    But its normal for "your" residents to react that way in dreams :)

    Such a shame about their boring Gracie house :(


  2. How/where did you get the diving suit? I can't find one anywhere in that town D:


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