Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 106: The Golden Days

Last Nights Caper
I think I played but idk???

Day 106
Two campers in a row. I honestly thought you had to wait a few days until you got another camper, but nope, got on the very next day - and it was another bear - Poncho. Again, I did want to go back and visit in hopes I'd play a game or two, but nope.

There were also no special visitors in town today (not even Gracie), but it was Saturday so what d'you expect. I just got told that Pete would be doing his rounds, but didn't get to catch him.

Fortune gave me nothing.

And then I randomly checked at the Town Hall to see my towns status, and I got the golden watering can for having a perfect town for '15 days'..? Now let me tell you this right now, I'm not complaining - but thanks to blogging, I check my status everyday, and I hit perfect on day 94, and today is day 106, so that's only 12 days. Now I don't time travel, so unless I'm dumb and can't count, what...? But golden watering can, neat!

Also this is how much of a horrible mayor I am LOL. Anyway, I finally checked my mail, and read the farewell letter Gala sent me, and she had her picture attached. I believe she left on the 24th so shows how horrible I am oops.

In the evening I then went to see a live performance by K.K. Slider.

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  1. Love Bubblegum K.K.!

  2. ugh, are you kidding me? i've had a perfect town longer than you. this is quite upsetting.

  3. Maybe you had a perfect town 3 days before you actually checked?

  4. OMG jealous! I wanna golden can :P
    I love kk.bubblegum too! One of my favourites!



  6. I have the golden watering can, golden slingshot, and golden shovel.


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