Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 79

Last Nights Caper
Again, it's one of those days where I feel as though I did play, but my photos suggest otherwise...

Day 79
Today was Sunday, or as I commonly called it back in the City Folk days... Turnip Day. Joan was selling turnips for 91 bells apiece, I didn't plan on buying any turnips today, but they were so cheap, and Skyfall has had some pretty high turnip prices lately (by high I mean 120 LOL). So I decided to try my luck, and I bought 1,000 turnips.

As it was September 1st, that ultimately meant there would be some new fish, bugs and see creatures to be caught. Of course, once I had finished my daily chores, it began raining, so we didn't get any new bugs today (I did get some crickets in the evening after the rain had stopped). So, as I usually don't go diving anymore, I decided to dive for the four new marine life available in September. Of course, I was sure to come across a scallop, which I gave to Pascal, getting a Retro Telescope in return (forgot to take a picture).

It wasn't until after I'd done my daily ritual that I remembered the first of the month equaled new DLC. So I headed for the post office and spoke to Pelly, asking her to check for the monthly DLC. She handed me back a Full Moon Vanity.

Of course, whilst I was in the room with the telephone, I decided to dial up and get my daily fortune. It made more sense today than ever, but only because I was tripping a lot today. Sadly, I didn't have any animal print pants, so I couldn't stop myself from tripping...

Cafe time. I got the usual, superb coffee beans, and no brewstoid. So nothing too interesting from today's shift.

Having Pete come visit during my shift made remember the huge load of mail I received this morning. The first few letters were some items I ordered from the Nooklings, so I assumed that's where they were all from. However, the final letter was from the HHA, and contained a silver trophy, congratulating me on the amount of points I had received!

Whilst I was in my house, I headed over into the sleek room to put last nights tune of K.K. Disco into the CD player, when none other than Julian decided to drop in uninvited. Seriously, he either asks to go to my house, or just drops in. Why are you so obsessed with me? He only stayed for like a minuted (he probably stole something after realizing how much the inside of his house doesn't match).

I'm sure you did...

In the evening when I decided to search for some more marine animals I hadn't caught yet (no such luck), I remembered I still hadn't seen Porter to see if he'd let me change the train station exterior, and thankfully he did!

Ricky also offered me a load of bells for a pearl oyster, usually they only sell for 1,600 bells, so obviously I couldn't go pas Ricky's generous offer. However shifty Shari was there, watching the whole deal go down. Seriously, I don't know if it's her uchi personality, but she really creeps me out sometimes...

Unrelated News
First of the months are always fun, great seeing the new bugs around town, but sadly I missed out on them because of the rain. Oh well, guess that makes tomorrow more fun! Cya!


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