Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 94: Perfect at Last!

Last Nights Caper

Day 94

As you can probably tell by the above picture, Saharah was in town today (forgot to take a pic when I played so I just took one when my house was being done lol). I gave her 3,000 bells and she did-up my house. I believe both pieces she gave me are exclusives, and I'm pretty sure I've got them before - the tatami and desert vista.

Frita was also home for a split second, the first time I've seen her for the amount of time she's been living here - over a week! Her house wasn't that exciting, but still, it was nice to finally catch a look at the inside! She also reminded me of the upcoming bug-off.

Ricky wanted some perfect fruit, so of course, I got him some. He rewarded me with a watering trough, which is something I've wanted for a while, because I think it will look good in Ricky's house. So I'll mail it to him whenever, and hopefully it'll replace the sea bass!

Olive bushes are flowering!

Fortune time. Nope. Didn't make sense. I'll let you interpret..

I then decided to celebrate the completion of the metal bench. Sadly this time Ricky and Bree didn't show up as a couple, only Ricky.

After the ceremony, I decided to speak with Isabelle to see how the citizen satisfaction was going along - previously they've all said Skyfall is underdeveloped. But holla praise mah jesus, we finally had a perfect town rating! As celebration, Isabelle gave me the option to renovate the Town Hall, as well as build a flower clock. I'll probably build the clock once I get the golden watering can, just in case building it affects the towns status.

I hope I can keep it up and unlock the golden watering can in two weeks. Wish me luck!

Unrelated News
Errrrm. Nothing, oops sorry. Cya!


  1. You should be able to install the flower clock and maintain your status just fine- from everything I've seen it boost your town rating numbers a fair bit, and I put mine in right away and got my can just fine. :)

  2. Are you an Aries? You are getting the EXACT same fortunes as I am, but with different clothes. Today's fortune told me to wear boots instead of cute bottoms, but my money is procreating in my pockets. That makes me feel uncomfortable to think about, actually...

  3. Build the flower clock. It boosts your ratings. Any nature thing like that helps. The thonky guide tells you what not to build because some stuff like the watch tower and whatnot hurt your town status. I've had my perfect town for over a month and half now.

  4. Congrats on the perfect town rating. Mine was perfect once upon a time but not for long :(

    The fortune-hmm, I think it just means you should get more money.

  5. Good luck keeping the town rating! I was able to get the golden watering can two weeks after I first received a perfect rating; I'd suggest activating the beautiful town ordinance if you haven't already.

  6. That just happened for me yesterday. Changed the outside of my Town Hall first now just a few more bells till I'm finished the clock! :D

  7. I got both the perfect town rating and the golden watering can by accident, I knew my town was perfect when the special flowers that only grow in perfect towns started appearing everywhere :)


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