Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 97

Last Nights Caper
Don't believe I did anything.

Dy 97
Day 97 seems to stick out to me more than any other day as we're nearing the hundred. I don't know why.. Anyway, today, Gala pinged me and told me she planned on moving. At this moment I was torn. Do I want her to move? Do I want her to stay? I know when I first started blogging, I said I liked Gala the most out of my original 5 villagers, but now with the new revelation with Ricky, I think I prefer Ricky over Gala. Sadly, I told Gala she should move out, and she agreed with me - leaving on the 24th.

Skyfall's perfect town status was also in its prime as I found out first every jacobs ladder. It was a nice surprise to find one. Hopefully we can fine some more as time goes by.

I'm guessing today's fortune had something to do with money? To be honest I'm not entirely sure, I just assumed because of the word 'financial' being included.

Julian had a gift for Gala (going away present??) which I kindly delivered. Gala rewarded me with a cheap wooden box, but it's actually an item I've been after in case Ricky get's rid of his that he has in his house.

Moe also wanted me to critique his outfit, however as he was hiding behind his house plant how was I meant to say it. I chose the "I don't even..." option and he seemed shocked by it. Maybe if you positioned yourself somewhere I could actually see it I'd give you a better judgement.

We haven't had any public works project suggestions in a while, but today Bree finally suggested one, and one that I actually plan on building. I'm guessing she requested it to impress Ricky. Anyway  she requested the statue fountain, however I couldn't get a picture due to the autumn moon event going on.

As I mentioned above, today was the day of the autumn moon. As I hypothesized yesterday, it wasn't like the summer solstice, and became dark in the evening. I did notice it was sunny all day though, no clouds in the sky. I'm not really sure what an 'autumn moon' is, but it would have been nice to be able to see the moon during the day time. Anyway, the concept is simple. You speak to Isabelle, and she gives you an item depending on your region. There's also a photoboard to take pictures at. Isabelle gives European players a veggie basket - and that's what she gave me. I was holding a sort of giveaway today, where I'd let non-European players come to my town to talk to Isabelle to get a veggie basket of their own, and I think I got about 30 or so visitors. So if you find today's post short/boring, it's because I spent most of the day trying to help others. That said, I'm on the look out to get the autumn moon items from American, Korean and Japanese towns.

Unrelated News
Oops I graduate tomorrow. Cya!


  1. I have an extra North American item from the autumn moon. It is the wheat bundle. I really don't need it so you can just have it! Idk how you'll contact me. I'm new to tumblr and I'm not even using my tumblr account. So I guess comment back or something... I'll try and send this to you as well.


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