Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 109: Trick or Treat?

Last Nights Caper
Hmmmm idk

Day 109
Hi Jack what are you doing in town it's only October 1st pls wot r u doin??

Actually, he was just in my town to tell me about Halloween, what I need to do in anticipation, and if I'd be willing to help him. Of course, I said yes and he gave me a ghost mask as a thank you gift. He also made an explanation on how the event works. I didn't really take much notice, I guess I'll just make it up as I go along. Though Frita was eaves dropping on the whole conversation, so guess she won't be getting scared.

There was also a notice on the bulletin board that the T.I.Y would be closed tomorrow for upgrades! Holla!!

Ricky was home, and for some reason - possibly due to his rough start in Skyfall - I'm always paranoid that when he's in his home when I start the day that he's packed and ready to leave Skyfall. So I spoke with him, and he wanted me to get some signatures for a petition. I took the petition to Shannon's town (might be spelled Shanon I forget oops - also I don't remember her town name 'cause it's some crazy Italiano name list Equista idk).

The T.I.Y also had spooky furniture in stock to celebrate Halloween. I don't really like the spooky set, but I will collect it for the sake of collecting. Also worth to note from now through December there will be some seasonal items in the Nooklings store. October there is the spooky set, November the harvest set, and December the Jingle set with some other festive items. There were also some spooky items in the Able Sisters just like Jack said.

No special visitors in Skyfall today, either. I really haven't seen Gulliver in forever, hopefully he'll wash up soon (thought now I've passed all Gracie's checks only visitors I care about are Redd and Katrina).

Fortune was nothing worthwhile, either.

And finally, I noticed late at night, that October first equals new DLC item. So I headed over to the post office, to get my new rice plant bed.

Unrelated News
I'm tired so cya!


  1. OMG congrats on getting the T&T emporium. I am dead jealous right now xD

  2. Do you ever update your dream address anymore?

  3. Can I please come to you town to get some fertilizer? I really needs some to get some perfect pears BTW do you need Persimmons?


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