Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 115

Last Nights Caper

Day 115

Holla! Fishing Tourney on the weekend! As much as I prefer catching bugs, Nat, and the bug set, I am really excited to have a change up with the fishing tourney - I'm actually really excited for it!

No special visitors in town today (seriously??). It's literally been 5eva since we had out last visitor, and the fact that I don't seem to be getting Katrina or Redd when I do get visitors makes it even more aggravating  I thought Booker would have redeemed himself by having some cardboard or sloppy furniture in the lost and found... But nope, it was just a rock guitar.

Melba also moved in today. She was rather sweet. I think she looks a little more cuter than what I remembered, but still, I don't plan on keeping her in my village for that long. Hopefully she makes the most of Skyfall whilst she has the chance!

The Nooklings and Able Sisters had some nice spooky attire. The Nooklings had the spooky dresser (idk if I've already got this one, I bought it anyway), and the Able Sisters had the already obtained skeleton mask.

Frita also suggested her first public works project! It was nothing special, just a wooden bench, but it was nice to see her getting her suggestion hat on for once (instead of prancing around town like a McDonalds burger...)

Whilst I was at the town hall, I decided to check on Skyfall's town status (since I've only gotten then one jacobs ladder). Thankfully, it was still perfect, and Isabelle changed up the usual 'Skyfall is lovely' routine. I'm glad she actually says different thinks for each level of perfection. In City Folk it got a lil repetitive of every time you went to check Pelly was like 'this is perfect lel'

And to end off the day, here was my fortune!

Unrelated News
I'm hungry so cya!


  1. Haha, prancing around like a McDonalds burger.... LOL
    Life for villagers seems to revolve around food. One of my lazy villagers (Kidd) sent a letter saying he had a dream about me, and it was just getting all romantic and then I (apparently) shouted, HEY, WHERE'S MY SANDWICH!!! But I always associated Vesta the sheep with vesta I suppose I'm not much different, lol

  2. What Is That Fortune Thing You Talk To All
    The time?

  3. It's a lovely phone, that can be ontained from Redds cookies on the fireworks event nights, ever Subday in August. It tells you your daily fortune, just as Katrina does.
    I hope everything is okay, Jake! It's strange for you to miss a day, let alone 3!

  4. Sorry for spelling mistakes on last comment (was on iPod) also, since found out Kidd is a smug villager lol


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