Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 154: The Great Carp Hunt

Last Nights CaperDidn't end up playing, I was tired, and did another 10 hour sleep fml...

Day 154

"And I will only catch a few fish" - said no one, ever...

But before we start the fishing tourney, let's note a few things first. Gulliver sent me a dream catcher in the mail as my reward for Canada, and I found a mushroom, a mush hanger -_-

Gracie also changed her sale items around, and the Nookling harvest item was another mirror.

Now let the fishing begin!

Let's play a game called "guess how many carp I caught" and whoever guesses the right amount, wins my game.
For those curious, my pictures show that I caugh 34 different carp (oops). But I stopped taking pictures after a while, so there was a lot more that I caught - and guess what? I DIDN'T EVEN COME FIRST!!

So much fish. Everytime I caught one that was bigger than the current first place... A VILLAGER CATCHES A BIGGER ONE. It was not a good day at all I tell you, not one bit.
Now onto the awards ceremony.

I'll admit, even though the fishing tourney was annoying as hell, it was pretty fun - spending the entire day trying to catch fish and beat my residents, twas a good time.
After the fishing tourney I got word that the autumn leaf chair had been released, so I went to the post office to pick it up.

Saturday night meant that K.K. Slider would be performing, so I decided to visit Club LOL and take a seat. He performed Space K.K., which has a nice album art, I think it'll look good if I hand it on the wall in my sleek room, so I'll order one whenever I remember.

I also wanted to update my dream town and visit a few towns, but the weather prohibited my 3DS from connecting to the internet, so maybe I'll try do that later today.

Unrelated News
Well the rain seemed to stop shortly after I began writing the post, so that's a good thing. I haven't checked the weather for today, but last night it said there was a possible chance of a thunderstorm, so that might be happening later today - so depending on my connection, I might have to blog in the morning again.
Also, I have prom/formal on the 19th (I think) - it's on Tuesday, and goes from like 7pm - 12am, and then the afterparty goes from 12am - 3am and then I have to get home, and since it's in the city it'll take an hour, so I wont get home until ~4am (cries).
So because of that, that blog post will have to wait until the morning, and there wont be a blog post that night. Cya!


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