Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 160

Last Nights Caper
I slept :-}

Day 160
My mailbox was actually full like what? I knew I ordered some things from the Nooklings (only like 4 items, though), but my mailbox was still full... Inside, I had my items I had ordered, some letters from residents, a thank you gift from Ricky, and a letter from the HHA. Sadly Ricky didn't give me his pic, just a conical flask, but the HHA sent me a golden house model for racking up 150,000 points (I think, could be wrong).

I believe now I can go speak to Lyle and he'll give me the home challenge or whatever it's called. But you know me, lazy bones, so Idno when we'll get around to doing that.

Whilst on the quest to get Ricky's photo (which I'll cover later in the post), the Harvest Festival got brought up in conversation. There was a post on Tumblr somewhere which told you what items to stock up on (which I probably forgot to like oops). But from what I'e gathered you don't need a load of items, so all should be good getting them on the day. I'm actually pretty excited for the Harvest Festival! Not too sure which event comes next, I'll have to check the calendar.
For those American's, click here to be taken to a PDF Animal Crossing calendar for September 2013 - August 2014! You can even download your own copy to find when upcoming events will take place!

Whilst we're on the topic of the Harvest Festival, I went on over to the Nooklings to see which piece they had in stock today, and luckily it was a piece I needed, the wall lamp. I'm not too sure how close I am to completing the set (or even if I have completed it), but I must be near end. Too lazy to check though.
Gracie Grace also had the wedding cake, which I bought after accumulating enough bells.
And today's mush piece was a stool.

For some reason I had the urge to check the police station, which I have stopped doing - I just pop in on  weekly basis to grab the lost items #thief. But today I decided to ask Booker if anyone was in town, and luckily I did, because he told me Phineas was on the prowl (I probably wouldn't have noticed him otherwise). Phineas gave me a badge for maxing out my HHA score!

Soon after speaking with Phineas, Chester pinged and suggest we build a water pump. This is something I do like, but I'm unsure if I want to build it. Sadly he suggested it as soon as he spoke to me, so I kinda skipped past it and forgot to take a picture, so sorry about that!

I clocked in again in the afternoon (not entirely sure why though), but I ended up playing for a length amount of time. However, first thing I noticed was Pete at my door - I thought he was going to give me a screeching about my mailbox being full, but I only emptied it this morning. Instead, he informed me that he had delivered a personal letter from Nintendo and that it should be in my mailbox, and to check it out. I guess it's another DLC for this month - the Tam o' Shanter!

The residents must have also got word of my evening playing because they absolutely spammed me with requests and offers, and each one seemed to want to buy the item I had received from me previous errand...

This kinda feels like another 'residents gone crazy' saga, but I guess instead I'll call it the 'great trade'. No quest for Ricky's pic section today because I feel it kinda ties in with the great trade lol. Maybe we'll get more luck tomorrow (holding out for him to request fruit or a rare fish/bug!).

Unrelated News
Mmmm. Iunno I am kinda tired but I'm not but I have stuff I gotta do so I guess I'll leave it at that? Cya!


  1. Ikr I cba to ever check the police station or do any of Lyle's challenges. And the harvest festival is in europe too? I sure hope so, i've been looking forward to that.

  2. Thanks for the PDF. I'm American and I've been playing since the day NL came out!


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