Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 170

Last Nights Caper
I'm really unsure if I should cal this last nights caper, or 'this mornings caper'. Last night I absolutely could not sleep (I doubt the 12 hour sleep the night before helped). After laying in bed attempting to sleep for a good two or three hours, I decided to grab my 3DS to see if some gameplay would make me tired (and man it was like 5:30am when I clocked in).
Thankfully, I was able to snag a stringfish during my gameplay, but it didn't make me tired. I eventually fell asleep around the 7am mark...

Day 170
Op, where getting close to 200 days, we should hit that in the new year (actually I just did a check, if I've done it right, day 200 should be January 1st!).

By the time I actually woke up in the late afternoon (actually it was only around 2:30 so it wasn't really that late), most of my desire to play was diminished (also I had a lot of baubles to add to the Christmas tree so I didn't want to dwell on AC forever - but seriously guys, all of these baubles are really good, it's going to be hard to pick a winner). I check Re-Tail as I usually do (plus I had to sell my inventory of fish I had caught in the morning), and checked turnip prices whilst I was there. 139 bells on a Monday, not too bad.

The stores also had a lot more Christmas attire in stock today. The Nookling's had a green glow wand, the Jingle carpet and the piano (which I forgot to take a picture of), the Able Sisters had the Santa pants, and Kicks had the boots. 

I also remembered that a new month meant a new DLC. Sadly this was already a Japanese DLC I'd already gotten, the tree stump chair, but it was nice to get a gift none the less. I'll probably end up adding it to the giveaway.

I was also in my house doing some furnishing when Rosie barged in (as she usually does). This time, though, I rushed to the main room so she didn't end up leaving. She actually stayed for a good few minutes before leaving, I guess she must've really liked my house?

Unrelated News
All I want to say is, I swear if I can't sleep again tonight.... Cya!


  1. Woo I'm finally all caught up with this blog!

    I'm all excited. *throws little party*
    Definitely gonna try to keep up better.

  2. Aw I love all the festive stuff


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