Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 199: New Years Eve

Last Nights Caper
Not really sure what I did. I think it was one of those days (nights?) where I just took forever to get in to bed, and by the time I actually got to bed, it was too late to do anything.

Day 199
It's so exciting knowing that tomorrow we will have reached 200 days! The achievement is even better as it'll be the first day of 2014. I'm actually pretty excited for tomorrow, I just hope something interesting happens.

So New Years Eve today. I never really do anything for new years, so the occasion isn't that bigger deal for me, but it's always nice watching the fireworks. But before we get to the new years eve celebrations, there are a few things we need to get through first.

Isabelle and Redd were both at the town tree waiting for the new year to swing by. Isabelle handed me a tweeter to get me into the celebrating mood (why couldn't it have been something like a cider of 12-grape plate... Guess I gotta get my hands on them).

At Redd's tent, he was selling party poppers and new years hats for 300 bells each - my town had the yellow and blue hats for sale. I gotta try get my hands on the red and green hats. I'm surprised he was selling party poppers for 300 bells though.. That's the same price they sell for at the Nooklings, I was expecting at least 500 bells from his black market to be honest..

Tia wanted me to dig up the time capsule I buried for her a couple of weeks ago. I went to find it, which I knew was next to her house, but there were flowers in the spot I had buried it... Thankfully, it just got pushed aside a few spaces, so I could still dig it up. I gave it back to her, and it had a bear pole in it (I thought they almost always had clothing inside...). She even gave me the bear pole as a reward, much better than the usual clothing if you ask me.

Ughh. Again, I tried to make a Snowboy, and AGAIN, I knew I had the head too big, but I pushed them together anyway.. .Will I ever learn? PROBABLY NOT, but I'll keep trying. I'm sure I'll get it eventually. Bingo also gave us a number we had on our card, which gave us a double ding. Hopefully we'll get bingo before we hit a sextuple ding this time..

New Years Eve
Woo, onto the celebrations. Not sure how imma incorporate this, 'cause there is like no way to make it flow nicely, without just chucking in all the images in one big clump, but I'll try my best.

I believe I started playing around 11:50. I was actually watching the tennis on TV which had just finished, so I decided to start my game up. At the town tree, Frita, Rosie, Alfonso, and Annalisa were all walking around, waiting for 2014 to draw close. Even the music had changed, and honestly, it was so jumpy I really enjoyed it, I just wanted to set the time back a few minutes so I could just sit there and enjoy the music lol, but my AC clock is already a few minutes behind real time, so I didn't end up doing it.
Soon the new year hit IRL and I watched the fireworks on TV (ok they are good when they start out but then they draw out for like 10 minutes like no thanks).

Soon there were only a few short seconds left until the new year hit in game, and everyone was excited, even Isabelle was getting anxious.

And then... BOOM

I decided just to sit by and watch the fireworks and cracking my party poppers first. I just needed some time to relax, and enjoy the games atmosphere. I usually don't do that often - I do like to rush quiet a bit, and I tend to miss some things. But taking the time out to sit down and enjoy the fireworks was rather nice. The music was neat, too!

After having a little fun for a good 10 minutes, I decided to drop round to my favorite villagers houses and wish them all the best for 2014!

Unrelated News
Woo I'm like 1/4 done of the things I need to do tonight (yes, I left this post until really late). I've got quiet a few things left to do and it's already 3am... I'm really not looking forward to it, but hopefully if all goes well, I can be off to sleep by 4:30, I really don't want to go to sleep any later than that because then the sun will start rising, and the bird outside will wake up, and then I'll never get to sleep. So yeah, I'd love to chat more, but I really don't have the time. Cya!
Also you ya'll enjoyed the long blog post today :)


  1. Nice! It was interesting to know how you spend your countdown in-game!


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