Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 210

Last Nights Caper
I slept early so I didn't really get up to anything. I should've at least tried to landscape Skyfall to empty out the drawers, but that plan never ended up happening.

Day 210

I went to check on Zucker (as I do want to obtain his pic before he leaves, so I wanna boost them friendship points as much as possible). At first, he wanted me to deliver him a pear, and then in the evening he wanted me to catch him a bag worm. I completed both tasks, but got nothing worthwhile in return, but I'm only doing it for the friendship points.

Whilst on the topic of daily chores, Ricky wanted me to deliver a package to Jacques, which I did. Again, I didn't get anything decent from a reward, but friendship points are all I really care about right now, I really need to work on those villager pics.

Constantly getting my toy camera refurbished at Re-Tail was beginning to wear off, as Phineas was in town today, and gave me the silver refurbishing badge. I'm not too sure on how my progress is going for the other badges, but I know I should definitely be working on badges - gives me something to do.

Something I'd been meaning to do for a while now was head on over to the post office to grab this months DLC. Today (or tonight) I finally remembered and headed on over. Although, before I got there, Annalisa pinged and told me she'd be leaving on the 16th. I decided to let her go as I never planned on keeping her anyway.

The months DLC wasn't anything special either, it was just a repeat of DLC that Japan had obtained already, the sunrise lamp. Oh well.

Being Saturday night and being in Main Street I figured it'd be worth it to visit Club LOL and watch K.K. Slider perform. He performed K.K. Moody for me (a tune I'd yet to obtain), and slipped a copy in my pockets after he'd finished. The club was also pretty busy, both Rodeo and Greta were there.

Well, again, I went to build a Snowboy, but I didn't make him perfect (again, I knew I made the head too big). Even the Snowmen in my town didn't do anything for me, I didn't even get a single ding from them... Oh well.

Unrelated News
Woo, we actually had a worthwhile day today, maybe that was because I woke up a little earlier than usual, so I had some extra time on my hands. Either way, I'm happy we actually got a decent amount of gameplay in today, let's hope it continues! Cya!


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