Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 220

Last Nights Caper
Shannon had a villager who was leaving that I was looking for- Soleil. I don't know why I like her (I think it's just because she's a hamster villager and I want one lol). I'm not too fussed over though, so even if she decides to move into a bad spot then I wont be too bothered, I don't plan on keeping her (I just want her pic).

Whilst in Cinna I noticed a bag of medicine in my pockets, which I had bought for Frita due to her being sick (I forgot to give it to her yesterday). I headed back to Skyfall to hand the medicine over to Frita, hopefully she'll get well soon (I doubt it because I forgot to give her medicine for today and now the Nooklings is closed, oops).

Day 220
We had some mail, from yesterdays Snowboy, with a snowman vanity attached (I think I got one of these already). Oh well - like I've mentioned before, I'm not too big on the snowman set, but I just want to try complete it before the winter is over.

My favorite villagers seem to be unhappy as of late, because today Ricky had plans to leave Skyfall. I told him to stay, and luckily he did. I feel really bad, 'cause I hated Ricky at the start, but now he's one of, if not, my favorite villagers in Skyfall.

There was a meteor shower scheduled for tonight. It's almost 10:30pm now and I've yet to go on. I don't think I'll go on for the rest of the night, 'cause I'm still feeling ill - but I might play for a little bit if I can find reason to play and hopefully take my mind off my sickness.

...and then I finally found where Soleil put her house, between my house and Zucker's... At first I thought it was a horrible spot, right in the middle of the path, but then I just remade the path, and the problem was solved. Like I mentioned before, I'm not really bothered by a bad spot, I'm more interested in just enjoying whilst she lives in Skyfall, and then hopefully getting a picture to remember her by. Besides, Bree is the only snooty villager allowed in Skyfall.

Bree wanted me to visit, and invited me over right away, so I decided to take her to her house. Much like Zucker the other day, she wanted me to buy something from her house. I tried to buy the stringfish I gave to her forever ago which I didn't like in her house, but she didn't want to sell it. Instead, I ended up buying her nine lamp.

Redd had placed his tent around the town tree today (still eagerly waiting on Katrina...). I went inside to have a gander at his artwork. Of course, I bought the real piece, as usual. Thankfully, this time it was a sculpture, but sadly, I believe it's one I've already donated...

Fake - it should have two 'children'

Fake - it's holding a cat

Real - the eyes are closed

Fake - the lady in the white dress is too tall

As you can see from the Redd photos, I had too many bells on me. So I decided to stop on over to he post office to deposit some of my bells. Whilst I was there, I decided to check if there were any DLC, and to my surprise, there was the Aquarius Urn to be give to me.

After a long day we finally got to Snowmen, though they hold nothing exciting. I built another Snowmen, which gave me a number I had on my card, as did my already built Snowman - but no bingo.

Unrelated News
Woah, that was a long day lol. I didn't expect to be typing that much. Though I have felt sick pretty much all day, so I did spend the majority of my day playing AC. Still not sure if I'll go on to check out the meteor shower though. Guess you'll find out tomorrow. Cya!


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