Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 232

Last Nights Caper
Slept early again, so got up to nothing.

Day 232

No snow today but oh well, we've had a good run this winter.

Soleil was right near my house, so as usual I decided to speak with her to see if I could get a job out of her Sure enough, she had a job she wanted doing, and she wanted me to come over right away. Since there was no time to set, I decided to drop on by.

Whilst inside, she asked if I wanted to buy something. I geniunely liked the inside of her house, so didn't really want to buy anything, but decided to buy something just for the sake of it. I ended up buying the sport stand (I forgot the name of it oops - it's what's pictured left of the chair in the below pic), which I believe she received in a gift yesterday.

Zucker also wanted a gift to be delivered to Soleil. She was only a few short steps to the left of him, so she was easy to track down. She gave me a red check shirt as a thank you gift.

Since Jacques had finally moved out, I could begin landscaping that area of town again. The first step was to demolish the flower clock and rebuild it a few spaces over. I should've demolished it yesterday, so I could build the new clock today, but I totally forgot, but it wouldve only put me a day ahead of schedule.

To my surprise my camper luck didn't run out, as we had yet another camper today - Deena. I did want to go back and play some games, but as usual I forgot, and didn't get around to doing it.

Katrina didn't hold anything for me today either, another good luck day - so she didn't offer me any hats. Hopefully we'll get some bad luck sometime this week, I really want that Tingle hat lol. 

I build a Snowman today so I could get my hands on a bingo card, and thankfully, both Snowmen rolled numbers which were on my card, but they were on different plains.. Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

Unrelated News
I blogged early today so it wouldn't be a stressful rush like the past few days (it honestly does feel better getting the post out early), and I've got to get up early tomorrow, so it means I'm not rushing through the post so I can get enough sleep. Anyway, nothing too interesting is going on so. Cya!


  1. Deena sure gets around! She camped out in my town on Thursday.


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