Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 234

Last Nights Caper
No memory, I think I slept kinda early, but kinda late, if that even makes sense.

Day 234

First thing to happen today was Ricky pinged, who needed a petition to be signed by six villagers from another town - which was a good thing, because I was heading straight to my friend Heidi's town to celebrate Setsubun!

With my petition in hand I headed straight on over to Pompey to get some signatures, and then took some time out to relax and enjoy the foreign event. Oops, there's only five signatures, I must've forgotten to take a picture of one of the residents, I think it was Phil, the phoenix-styled villager.

It was now time to celebrate Setsubun. I headed on over to the plaza (that's probably what I should call it from now on instead of the 'town tree' - plaza sounds more fitting), to speak with Isabelle, who told me a little about Setsubun, and then handed me over a blue ogre mask. Heidi also gave me a red one that she had as a spare. Thanks!

After taking some happy-snaps I hit up Pompey's Main Street, hoping to get one of the Setsubun items from the Nooklings. Sadly, they only the beans in stock, which I have a few of, I was looking for the sushi roll but oh well. I bought the beans to add to my collection. Who knows, I might trade the beans for a sushi roll later on.

After playing around in Pompey for a little while, I headed back to Skyfall. First thing I did was speak to Ricky to hand his petition back to him, but sadly, as usual, I didn't get his picture in return, just a baby panda (at least it's cute!).

There was also a meteor shower forecast for tonight, but I don't think I'll end up playing to see it. Bree seemed to be excited for the shower, so thank god there is one resident who is looking forward to it.

After chatting with Bree about tonights weather patterns, I headed over to the Town Hall to have Isabelle hold the completion ceremony for the newly built flower clock. I really like it's placement. I'm hoping to add another public works project just to the north of it to lighten up the area, and make it more lively. Right now, I'm thinking of the log bench, but I've yet to have that suggested.

The residents of Skyfall had kept me busy today, because not only Ricky with his petition, but a lot of villagers had chores that needed doing. I cut some of them out of this post because I didn't want to spam it with jobs as I thought that'd be uninteresting, so I just included a few.

Pretty decent reward imo

As you cna probably tell from the above images, Sahraah was walking around town today. I took her to my house for the makeover for 3,000 bells, and she did her thing. I received a meadow vista and a tartan rug. Unfortunately I must've forgotten to take a picture of them together (which is unfortunate because it looked decent together, or at least better than some of her other disasters). Sorry!

I'll just chuck this in here because I can't find a relevant way to bring them up, but our next ex-resident was showing their face on Main Street - Shari. I believe the next villager will be Rod, then Julian, then I'm not sure (Purll? Purrl? I forget how to spell her name). And I also got around to taking a picture of the drilling rig Ricky suggested yesterday.

Today was a 50/50 day for Snowmen. In Pompey, Heidi had a Snowman built, but it had number 6 rolled, which I didn't need on my card. And one of my Snowmen in town didn't give me anything to tick off either. Thankfully me remaining Snowman gave us a number that we needed, and I built a perfect Snowboy! I shall look forward to the reward tomorrow.

Unrelated News
Wow. We actually had a pretty big day today (and I even did a few personal life things, too, so it's a miracle) Tbh I'm actually pretty proud of the day I had today, but I'm sure that's only because Heidi invited me over. Now I'm off to go find some food so yeah. Cya!


  1. Congrats on achieving everything you did today!

  2. Do you have any extra beans, or could it be possible for me to visit this Heidi? Does she have the Japanese version since she has the Bean Day? :) Thanks!


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