Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 244: Happy Valentines Day!

Last Nights Caper
I slept, as usual.

Day 244

Valentines Day... Honestly, this day doesn't really mean anything to me because I really don't care about it (like I don't care about most holidays, oops), but I've always found the nature of Valentines day to be cute, so I seem to enjoy it more than the others lol.
We had some nice letters in our mailbox today, we had one from yesterdays Snowboy, one from Isabelle, and one from mom.
The Snowboy send us a Snowman sofa, Isabelle sent us a lovely chocolate cake, and my mom sent me a sweater (I forgot the name of it oops). I would've preferred she sent me the cacao tree but meh. 

Of course, my day was going fine, until Bree decided to tell me she planned on leaving Skyfall... Umm NO. I told her not to leave, and thankfully she leaved. I could never imagine Skyfall without Ricky and Bree, it's their home.

So much for Valentines day, Katrina didn't even give me a good fortune for love or friendships... NOPE. She gave me a good fortune for wealth... Maybe she's trying to tell me money is better than love... Uhhh??

What what WHAT. We got a ding today???? UMM YEEES. Ok I've calmed down now, but as you can probably tell, we got a ding, good to get, but we probably wont get bingo for another week. Our other Snowman also gave us a number we needed, but no ding. I also managed to build a perfect Snowboy, too.

Unrelated News
Yes, that was my Valentines day. I honestly didn't have a lot of time to myself, as I mentioned yesterday, I had to take people shopping (and yes, my cousin did buy a 3DS, but he didn't buy AC - he's probably going to buy that later). So yeah, I'm gonna go find something to eat so. Cya!


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