Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 262

Last Nights Caper
Nothing interesting really.

Day 262

I don't know if Skyfall has a huge case of the hungries or if the villagers just think they can get what they want, but move over Ricky, now Zucker wants me to get him perfect fruit! Of course, I don't mind (at least until my perfect orange stash runs out), so I got him the fruit, and received a patchwork chair in return.

I stumbled across Bree who informed me that Saharah was in town. I tracked down Saharah and took her to my house. She gave it a makeover as usual, and I again received a shoji screen, but this time I only got one exclusive, as my other piece was a dotted rug. It wasn't a total disaster, they actually look pretty decent together.

I finally got around to building the zen bell today. At first I was going to search around town with Isabelle with other public works projects to see if anything looked good, but I knew if I did that I'd end up not building anything, so I just built the zen bell. Maybe tomorrow, or another day when I get bored I'll take Isabelle around town and look for projects to build in good places.

Unrelated News
Yeah, I didn't feel like playing a lot, I felt rather played out from Carnivale yesterday, but I'll be back in full form tomorrow. Cya!


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