Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 263

Last Nights Caper
I was tired so I ended up sleeping earlier than usual.

Day 263

A quiet, sunny day in Skyfall today, in fact so quiet that apparently Zucker wanted to break that silence by informing me he had plans to leave Skyfall on the 10th. Of course, since I don't have his pic (yet), I told him to stay, and that's what he did. I'm really hoping Hippeux, Alfonso or Frita ping next, I want them gone from Skyfall.

A little north of Zucker was Ricky, who wanted me to deliver a gift for him to Rosie (I hope this means him and Bree haven't broken up). After receiving the gift from Ricky I tracked down Rosie and handed the package over, and she seemed to like it. She gave me a mango for my time.

After almost missing Saharah yesterday and only finding out because Bree was nice enough to tell me, I headed over to the police station to speak with Booker to see if anyone was in town. Sure enough, there was, them being Gulliver, who had washed ashore once again. I headed down to the beach and woke the seagull up, and answered his questions to send him on his way. My options were:
- Italy
- England
- France

When I was at the police station I noticed that the zen bell had been built. With that in hand, after waking up Gulliver I headed over to the town hall to hold the completion ceremony for the bell. I honestly think it looks better now that it's actually built. I was a little worried I placed it in an awkward spot yesterday, but I see today that it wasn't, and I think I got the placing just right.

Immediately after the ceremony Ricky pinged, who was interested in selling me a painting. I haven't had a villager sell me a painting in a long time, but I bought it anyway. He was selling me a perfect painting, which I didn't know at the time would be legit (which now I do because I just googled and there is no forgery for the perfect painting), with that said, luckily I bought it as it was indeed real. However I already had it donated to my museum, so I put it away in my storage and hopefully I'll trade it for a piece of art that I need.

Unrelated News
Rather enjoyed playing today, don't know why, but it was fun, it just seemed to go at a rather nice relaxing pace. Now I'm gonna go enjoy some nice relaxing sleep. Cya!


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