Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 275

Last Nights Caper
I actually slept early because I felt really tired, so I didn't get up to anything.

Day 275

It was Shamrock Day today, hence the green jacket (which I mentioned yesterday). With my greenery in style, I headed on over to the plaza to speak with Isabelle to help celebrate the event. She was standing at the plaza and had a photoboard next to her. Isabelle gave me a Shamrock Hat to celebrate.

I thought it looked best with the angry face, but I've 
put the other faces at the end of this post

Katia was finally in town today after a very long hiatus...  It's honestly been forever since I last had her - I've not had her this year, and I've not had her in the winter, and I don't even think I had her in the fall, so that's gotta be a good 4 months without her.... And I didn't even get the opportunity to take her to another town, so I don't think she'll hurry back any time soon. oops....

On the beach I came across a lost item, which I picked up and started searching for the owner. I didn't have to look for long to find the owner, as it was the first and closest resident - Bree. When I returned the item to her she seemed very happy, and rewarded me with her picture! Yay.

I put Ricky's pic next to it so they can always be together.

Unrelated News
Actually was pretty busy today, but glad I managed to get in a bit of gameplay (and score Bree's pic!). Really don't know what I'm gonna do now, probably watch some TV and then sleep in a few hours lol. Cya!


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