Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 284

Last Nights Caper
Don't really remember what I did. I did end up sleeping early, because there was nothing to do.

Day 284

Ricky had a gift that he wanted me to deliver to Soleil. As I had only just started playing she wasn't too hard to track down, as she was right by her house. I handed it over to her and she gave me a cycling tee as thanks.

After leaving Soleil I came across Rosie who wanted me to get her some furniture for her house. Luckily in the Nooklings yesterday, they had a lovely end table in stock, which I bought and planned to mail to Rosie, so I just handed that over to her, and received a green lamp in return.

Whilst I was up in Main Street I decided to go check out the post office to see if any new DLC had been released, as I thought there would be a new one out by now. There was - the Aries rocking chair - and it's really cute.

...and much to my disappointment, the painting we bought at Redd's yesterday had already been donated. Here's me thinking we were one step closer to completing the art wing, but I guess not.

Unrelated News
Yeah, it was one of those days where I played a lot but nothing happened. I should probably have spent time doing some landscaping or something like that, but I really couldn't be bothered lol. Cya!


  1. Hello there! I saw your Wish List and i saw you needed a cacao tree. I actually have 2 of them from my second character. If you want it here is my FC: 4356-0027-5124. Contact me if you still want it.

  2. Heya! I saw the Aries Rocking Chair in your house and immediately rushed to the post office to get mine (mostly because I didn't even know that the Zodiac furniture wasn't Japan-only..) But Pelly claimed that I was being sneaky, and I already got the current DLC--the sprout table--which confused me. Are the zodiac DLC items not in the US? Or do you know someone who would want to trade them?

    1. If you want to trade for just one (Probably February's), I have a Green New Year's hat. ;) Thanks!

  3. You should try rearranging everything and make it a better looking town if you have nothing to do.


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