Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 303

Last Nights Caper
Again, just spoke to some friends, watched YouTube videos, and the like - nothing overly exciting (though I did finally get around to watching the Super Smash Bros direct lol).

Day 303

I had totally forgot that Easter/Bunny Day was coming up this week on April 20th. It wasn't until I saw the notice on the bulletin board that I remembered it was coming up. I'm actually looking forward to it, the event looks a lot better than it did in City Folk.

West of the bulletin board is the plaza which I decided to go check out. I was hoping that Redd's tent would be pitched, but it wasn't. We did have a camper though, which I'm always excited about. Inside was Ken the chicken (rooster?), I actually think he's really cool, but I didn't want him to move in.

Today was Soleil's last day of being sick as I gave her her final dose of medicine. Tomorrow she should be bright and bubbly again, and walking around Skyfall like the happy hamster she is. Hopefully now that she's healthy she'll be the next villager to ask to move out.

Once I left Soleil's house I began asking around town to see if there were and villagers who had jobs I could do for them. The only one to give me anything was Ricky (bless), and he had me return something to Tia, in which I received a fresh tee in return.

To my surprise I actually found Phineas wandering around town, which was odd because I didn't think I had done anything to qualify for a badge, but turns out I was wrong. I ended up getting the golden badge for doing chores for villagers. I guess it's starting to pay off.

Of course, today finally marked the day that Zucker would be leaving Skyfall. I made a few posts and I found someone who wanted to buy him off me for a decent price. It's a win-win, I got some bells, and I gave someone Zucker. He will be missed, but at least I can go back to fixing his area which was ruined when he placed his plot.

Unrelated News
Today was a nice day in its own - I did get a few things done, so I'm rather pleased about that. Additionally I did a little bit of landscaping, and cleared out a few of my items lol. Cya!


  1. Ken used to live in my town... I miss him so much!

  2. Did you want Zucker to move?


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