Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 310

Last Nights Caper
I went on just to get a picture of Zipper's zipper lol, I also collected a few more eggs, but I only got one ticket, which got me an egg table.

Day 310

A nice rainy today, last time it was raining I didn't mention anything about it, but I always like a good rainy day. I soon found Bree walking around in the rain with her posh umbrella, and wanted to sell me an astro wall, which I bought for the sake of it. I didn't need it for anything, so I ended up selling it.

After I spoke with Bree, I came across Ricky, but he didn't have any chores for me. I then went off the find the next best villager, Tia, but she was MIA. Next stop was Soleil, and she has Hazel over. I spoke to Soleil and she told me about Weeding Day which was coming up.

After speaking to Soleil I went to speak to Hazel, who told me she had a basic painting for sale. She was selling it for a pricey 4,000+ bells, but I bought it anyway... Too bad it turned out to be fake, that's not a good way to get started in Skyfall.

Both hands are on the hips, so it's fake.

Unrelated News
I actually played for a while today, but nothing happened, none of my villagers wanted anything doing, so it was a really boring day... Cya!


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