Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 335

Last Nights Caper
Again I don't remember lol. I feel like I played AC but I've got no screenshots to back me up so I've got no idea.

Day 335

As you can tell from the picture, Phineas was in town today, which was a surprise since I didn't think I'd done anything to earn a badge. But turns out I'd had enough people over to earn me the great host badge. I thought one shock badge was enough, but I spoke to him again and turns out I'd done enough to earn another badge, turns out to be the Villager of Honor badge for playing over 500 hours, I actually his this a long time ago, I'm not sure why I just got it now.

Across the bridge was Chops who was hungry, and specifically wanted a perfect fruit. A lot of my townies are getting hungry lately, and my perfect apple stash is going down by the day. For giving Chops a perfect apple , I received a capsule-toy machine in return.

I soon came across Benjamin, who told me Saharah was in town. I began roaming Skyfall looking for the wandering camel and eventually found her. As usual, I took her to my house and gave her 3,000 bells for an interior makeover. She gave me a modern wood wall and a wildflower floor. I only think the floor is an exclusive.

I guess giving Chops that perfect apple paid off, because he suggested a new public works project, the chair sculpture. I've never really liked this public works project so I don't think I'll end up building it.

Later in the afternoon I felt I may as well build the instrument shelter which I got suggested a while ago and never got around to building. Though the area I decided to build it in already is pretty nice, I wanted to put it in another place which hadn't had much landscaping, but it didn't go anywhere else... I should probably work on fixing up the other parts of Skyfall in the coming days.

And finally, as for turnip prices, they were a little higher again today, but not by much. Though none of my friends had any turnips so these decent prices went to waste. I would like to see the get a little higher though, but that was the final price for this week, so they probably wont be high next week.

Unrelated News
The fishing tourney is tomorrow which means I probably wont be able to attend the ceremony for the instrument shelter due to the event. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it once the event is over, but even if you can I'll probably forget, so I'll more than likely end up attending the ceremony on Sunday. Now I'm off to watch some TV and eat. Cya!


  1. what does the instrument shelter do exactly?

  2. Where it says you have played for 500 hours it means PLAYED not how long you have owned the game.


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