Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 337

Last Nights Caper
I watched Desperate Housewives lol, I've gotten slack lately but I'm getting back on track with it.

Day 337

First thing to do today was head on over to the town hall to hold the celebration ceremony for the instrument shelter. It's been a while since I've held a ceremony, I think the last pwp I made was the zen bell tower??? Honestly I'm not too sure but it feels like forever ago. And since then, lots of new villagers have moved in, so it was strange seeing all these new faces at the ceremony.

Thanks to the ceremony, most of my villagers were all in the same spot, so it was easy to talk to them and try get chores out of them, but Hazel was the only one who wanted anything done, which was getting her a new piece of furniture. I was going to head up to Main Street and find something for her there, but when I went ot sell some stuff at Re-Tail, I notice she put her patchwork sofa up for sale, so I bought that an gave it to her. She gave me a weight bench.

Later on in the day I came across Boone who I guess had worked up an appetite, and wanted m to fetch him some perfect fruit. I headed over to my storage to pull one out and handed it over to him. He seemed pretty happy to receive a perfect apple and gave me a female mask.

I was done for the day, but in the evening I got a message from a friend, Aaron, who asked if I was able to hold some items for him, as I wasn't doing anything, I was happy to do it. Whilst he was over I was walking around town to kill time, and headed down to the beached to water some flowers, where I came across a lost item - which is weird because I buried some fertilizer just a little further down from it but I guess I never saw it??

I started looking for villagers to see who the lost item belonged to, and I finally reached Bree who was the owner (and used it to store fruit lol). I handed it over to her and she rewarded me with her pic. 

Unrelated News
I've started playing Pokemon again but I'm only doing it to breed for a shiny Treecko with good IVs, and I've got a lot of 5 IV non shiny Treecko's, so if anyone would like one just drop me a message and we can sort out a trade. Now I'm gonna go watch some Pokemon probs and continue on my Treecko hunt. Cya!


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