Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 415

Last Nights Caper
I attended the fireworks festival (which I honestly almost forgot). At the festival, Isabelle gave me a flower bopper, and I bought a fortune cookie off Redd, which was a dud, and earned me a roman candle. The custom pattern Stitch firework looked nice, too.

Day 415

First thing today Beau asked me if I was leaving Skyfall, and if I could get a petition for him signed. I didn't have any plans to leave Skyfall today (most of my friends who I usually visit have been inactive, or are away atm), so sadly I had to decline his request.

Rosie had something that belonged to Beardo and wanted me to deliver it to him for her. I was more than happy to take it to Beardo for her. Since I'd just started playing, Beardo was easy to find, as he was just right by his house. I handed over his item, and he rewarded me with a

I started playing after midday today, so I was only able to get the afternoon turnip prices today, which weren't all that high. But hey, it's only Monday, we've still got the rest of the week to see how high they get (even though I don't have any turnips to sell).

After leaving Re-Tail I headed over to Bree's house, who wanted me to bring Agnes over. I was happy to take her over, but when I found her, Agnes was rather frightened about visiting Bree. No big deal though, because all Bree wanted was to hand her a gift she had bought. It was a little intense in there stuck between those two, Skyfall now has two divas (three if you include me lol), it'll be interesting to see how they get along.

And looks like hide and seek is coming back, for today at least, and it was Beardo who wanted to play another game. He brought Agnes and Frobert over to play - funny, those three are the newest residents in Skyfall, maybe they're part of a cult, lol? Beardo gave me 10 minutes to find all of them, which I managed to do, earning myself a massage chair.

During the game of hide and seek I found a lost item on the ground (which I believe happened in one of my recent games, too). Luckily, after completing the game, Beardo, Agnes, and Frobert were all gathered at the plaza, and it belonged to Frobert, who gave me a lemon gingham shirt.

Unrelated News
Well that was a lot to write up. I'm not sure if it's because I included the fireworks festival, or if it was because I actually had a pretty good day... It's also been a few days since Freya left, and since Agnes moved in, so I'm awaiting for someone to inform me they plan on leaving. Now I'm gonna watch The X Factor, and then The Amazing Race. Cya!


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