Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 421

Last Nights Caper
Don't really remember. I think I just watched YouTube videos though.

Day 421

The fireworks show is tonight. As I mentioned previously, I'll probably do what I did last week (well I'll have to, since I'm blogging now and the fireworks don't start for another hour and a half), where I'll include the show in Monday's Last Nights Caper section. Anyway, Isabelle was once again at the plaza (with Redd), waiting for the show to start. She asked if I had any patterns I wanted to give to her for a firework, but I didn't. I kinda liked the Stitch one last week, so maybe for the next two shows I'll scan the pattern QR ta on my blog to see if there's anything that takes my fancy (I'm thinking the Felyne from Monster Hunter for next week).

Being a Sunday morning, meant that Joan would be in town selling turnips. I don't really buy turnips to turn a profit anymore, I more or less do them just for fun, and stalk the market to test my trend picking abilities. This week Joan was selling them for 109 bells apiece, which is too high imo, so I didn't buy any.

As for the Frobert front, Benjamin, Tia and Beau all told me they had heard that Frobert was thinking of moving, so all I've gotta do is ignore him for two more days, and he'll be on his way. I kinda wish I got to know him a little more, but eh, can't really do anything.

Ft. Silver Slingshot

Ricky had a flowery painting that he bought and didn't want anymore (tbh I kinda skipped through the dialogue because I thought he was just gonna talk about Redd, but it wasn't until I got the dialogue to buy it that I realized, and I hadn't taken any pics). Since I skipped through it, I had no idea what the painting was, and assumed it would be fake, since I managed to get lucky with Beardo the other day, but bought it off him anyway. When I put it in my house to see what it was, I saw it was the flowery painting, which is always real. It's funny, I needed three more artworks for my museum, two being the calm and flowery painting, which I bought off someone last week, and turns out that this week Redd had the calm painting, and Ricky sold me the flowery painting, lol.

I haven't seen Ricky and Bree interact for a while, so I was worried about their make-believe relationship, but today I managed to snag them having a convo, and decided to listen in. Looks like the two are still etting along well.

I dropped by Beardo's house just to see what was happening, and he decided to give me a trunk. Not too sure what I did to deserve one, but a gift is a gift none the less, so I happily accepted his gesture.

Unrelated News
Yeah, today was a pretty boring day. I was considering waiting until after the fireworks show to blog so I could add that to my blog and lengthen this post (as well as make it more interesting), but I like having it included in the LNC section (namely because it saves me having to remember what I did outside of AC LOL). Anyway, The X Factor starts in just under an hour, so I'm gonna chill out and wait for that to start, and then attend the fireworks show once it finishes. Cya!


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