Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 422

Last Nights Caper
I attended the fireworks show as it was Sunday night. Isabelle handed me a flower bopper (which I think I also got last week?), and I  bought a fortune cookie off Redd, which held a kaboom ticket, earning me an Ultra Scope, and then I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the show.

Day 422

As soon as I started playing I saw Saharah hanging around behind my house, so I went and spoke to her, and took her to my house for a makeover. As always, I paid her 3,000 bells and he changed up the wallpaper and flooring of my house - earning me a citrus carpet and an imperial wall, which I don't think are exclusives.

After Saharah had worked her magic, Beau came running up to me, and asked if I could deliver something to Tia for him, since he was too scared to do it himself. I was more than happy to do it for him, and I took the package off his hands and tracked down Tia. She wasn't too hard to find, as she was in her house, so I walked in and handed her the gift. It contained a snow shirt, which she put on right away, and gave me an apple as a reward.

Looks like this weekends going to be busy, as the bug off falls on the Saturday, and of course, we have the fireworks show on Sunday. I'm not sure how much of the bug off I'll compete in, I might just hand in a few bugs to nab me first place, and then leave time to settle the rest. If I remember, I'll probably visit K.K. Slider like I did last time, too.

Only one set of turnip prices today, being the afternoon prices, which were pretty decent, especially for a Monday. I know it's only Monday so there's every chance in the world it could be a random or declining week, but I'm just hoping (as I always do) that it might be a high-price week.

And to finish off my day, Beardo had a petition he wanted me to get signatures for, but unfortunately, I didn't have any place to venture out of Skyfall so I had to decline his request. Thankfully he didn't seem too bummed out about it.

Unrelated News
Yeah, I didn't really get a lot done today, but I'm not too bothered. I get kinda lazy when I know a villagers leaving, because that basically just means I don't have to spend a lot of time playing to make sure no ones leaving (since I know someone already is), and I can just play at my own relaxed pace. Now I'm gonna wait a little bit for dinner, and then X Factor time.


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