Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 429

Last Nights Caper
I headed over to the plaza for the fireworks show, where Isabelle handed me a heart bopper (my favorite bopper). I also bought a fortune cookie off Redd, but it was a dud ticket, giving me a roman candle. I then sat back and enjoyed the fireworks.

Day 429

First thing I noticed today was Saharah hanging around near Rosie's house. I spoke to her, and as always, she asked for 3,000 bells and she'd give my house a makeover. I was happy to have her over, and took her to my house. I managed to get a western desert and a basement wall, both I think are exclusives (the wall might not be, but I'm pretty sure it is), so I guess that makes up for her no exclusives last visit.

I actually started playing just before midday today, but by the time Saharah had done her thing, the bell had rung and it was now midday, so I was only able to get the afternoon prices, which were at a good 106 bells. It's not great, but it's a good start for a Monday afternoon.

Upon leavaing Re-Tail I found Ricky, who wanted me to fetch him a piece of fruit to help him with fatigue. I doubt he was fatigued, he just wanted a feed, as most of my villagers do. Regardless of his reason, I was fine with getting him a piece of fruit, and pulled a perfect apple out of my storage, earning myself a game shelf.

Not much else happened today, I spoke to everyone multiple times, but no one had stuff they wanted me to do, except Beardo, but all he wanted was for me to get him a new piece of furniture. I guess I probably could've gotten him something since I don't plan on keeping him so I don't really care about keeping his house nice, but I didn't think of that until now lol.

Unrelated News
Yeah, another boring day today. It has been a few days since Frobert moved out though, so I am expecting someone else to move in either tomorrow, or Wednesday at the latest. But with how things run in Skyfall, I'm not sure how long until someone else moves in, lol. Now I'm gonna go watch some more Pokemon. Cya!


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