Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 432

Last Nights Caper
Finished watching the Johto League in Pokemon, and I'm now officially up to the Hoenn saga (I think I'm on the 4th episode?), hopefully I can finish it before ORAS release at the end of November.

Day 432

As soon as I started playing today, Isabelle informed me someone new had moved into town. Of course, I knew who this villager was, but I was confused as I never saw their house plot yesterday. Once I got to Skyfall I opened my map to see where the new house was, and it was just to the right of mine, where Soleil used to live. The house belonged to Julian, who is the same Julian who lived in my town back in October last year. Bunny (or Cat) from La Lune had taken him in, but reset her town, and gave him to Lauren of Aperture (both of them actually run a joint Tumble blog, which you can check out here - it's pretty cool). Since I had finally cycled 16 villagers and Julian was no longer showing up on Main Street, it was time to invite him back to Skyfall.

Though, as you can probably see in the first picture, his house is in a rather inconvenient spot... But no need to worry, as I was able to fix it up a little, and I'll probably work on it more in the coming days. It looks a little off, so I'm probably going to put a bush or something in the far bottom left corner because I don't like how it looks.

The practicality of the hammock has also been lost due to Julian's move in, so I decided to head over to the Town Hall and ask Isabelle to remove it for me. Whilst there I also got a picture of Skyfall's new town map, so I'll update that once I'm done with this post.

I haven't had a camper for a while now, and of course, once my town gets full, it just so happens I get a camper after a long drought... My heart was pounding a little as I walked in, fearing it would be a cool villager I'd love to move in, but not be able to as Skyfall was full, but luckily it was just Hamlet. I really like hamster villagers (specially Clay and Soleil), but Hamlet doesn't do much for me.

After leaving the campsite I headed down to Tia's house, who wanted me to fetch Beau for her, but she had forgotten why she needed him, but was hoping she'd remember by the time I got him. I found Beau by the cafe and took him over to Tia's house, where Tia had remembered what she needed him for, and handed him back his wallpaper of some sort which she had borrowed a while ago. Tia thanked me for bringing Beau over and gave me a common floor.

One door closes and another opens, and is what always seems to happen when it comes to time capsules in my town. After only retrieving Beau's yesterday, today, Ricky wanted me to bury one for him. I took it off his hands and dug a spot right by his house, and now I've just gotta wait until the day he asks me to dig it up again.

Beau must've been in the mood for home visits today, because not too long after leaving Tia's, he invited me over. I was more than happy to come over to his house as he wanted me to come over there and then, and we soon made our way over to his house. When inside, I spoke to him several times to bring up the "want to buy something" dialogue, and bought out his candy gingham shirt, as that went with his houses theme the least, and then I left.

Unrelated News
Pretty happy with what I got done today, I'm glad Julian's back, and his house being places in an inconvenient spot kinda forced me to do some landscaping, so no complaints here. Now I would go watch some more Pokemon, but I'm heading out in about 10 minutes so I guess I'll have to wait until I get home before I watch some more. Also, I'm going to my friends birthday tomorrow night, which goes from 6pm-midnight, but I'm meeting up with some friends at around 5pm beforehand, so I'm not sure if tomorrow's post will be early or late... Guess I'll figure that out tomorrow. Cya!

Turnip prices were crappy so I didn't bother to include them


  1. Just want to know why Julian is so expensive, his card its around the 20 bucks


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