Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 435

Last Nights Caper
I continued to watch Pokemon, but other than that, I didn't really get up to anything else.

Day 435

I managed to play just before midday hit, so first thing I did once I started playing was search for Joan. I ran all around Skyfall looking for her, but I wasn't able to find her. I didn't give up, and eventually found her near the station, but was selling turnips for a pricey 107 bells apiece. Too high for me, but I don't really participate in the stalk market, so it doesn't bother me much.

I stopped by Julian's house to see what was happening (which was nothing), and it appears that during his time out of Skyfall, his house has suffered. I did plan on buying a regal bed to mail to him today, but I forgot to order one for him. I guess I'll have to do that tomorrow, along with the other pieces of his house.

Even though I mentioned it yesterday, I totally forgot that Agnes would be moving out of Skyfall today. Even with Isabelle's reminder once I started up, I still somehow forgot about her departure. So I went over to her house to wish her all the best. Funny, once I said goodbye to her, literally every villager I spoke to afterwards told me Agnes was leaving lol.

The fireworks show is tonight, and as usual, Isabelle and Redd were at the plaza making the much needed preparations. Isabelle asked if I had a custom pattern I wanted used to design a firework, and I know I've stated before I planned on doing this again, but I had nothing to give her, so I didn't hand her anything. Now I've just gotta wait until later tonight to attend the show.

I've had a tall mini cactus in my pockets for a few days now since either Ricky gave me one as a reward, or sold it to me, and as I thought it was the one in his house, I kept it in my pockets until he was home and I was able to check if it was his display one or not. Today, he was home, and I saw that there was still one in his house, so I was able to discard this one, but that didn't stop my villagers wanting to purchase it (I didn't give it to anyone though).

I guess both Julian and Tia were in generous moods, because Julian gave me a sleek wall and Tia, a gelato tee. Of course, I don't have any use for either item, but it's still a nice gesture by them. Timbra was interested in buying the tee shortly afterwards, but I still haven't had the chance to see her house, so I didn't want to give it to her.

Unrelated News
Yeah, just like last Sunday, today was pretty slow paced. I saved + quit many times, but no one wanted me to do anything. All the told me was that Agnes was leaving, and nothing else... Now I'm gonna go watch some more Pokemon and then wait for The X Factor to start. Cya!


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