Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 433 & 434

Last Nights Caper
Yeah, as I mentioned the other day, I had to go to my friends birthday last night, and I didn't have time to blog before I left, and by the time I got home, I didn't feel like blogging, so I'll do a double day in this post.

Day 433

Since a day had now passed, Isabelle was able to have the hammock public works project removed, and I think the area looks nicer now, and doesn't look too cluttered. That said, the area where the hammock was does look a little bare, so I might plant a few bushes there sometime to liven up the area. I might even consider lining the path with bushes since I think that would look better.

I didn't get time to play in the morning yesterday (or today either), so I only got the afternoon prices, which were pretty low. Maybe this week was a decreasing week and not a random week. Also if you're wondering why there's two sets of prices in the pictures, I just included today's and yesterdays prices to save me having to do it twice (yesterday being the first price, today being the second).

After leaving Re-Tail I soon found Ricky, who was interested in visiting my house. He didn't want to have a set time and instead wanted to come over right away, so I was more than happy to take the little guy over to my house for a quick look. Of course, what I hoped would only be a quick look, turned into a 5 minute browse, and eventually lead me to leaving before he was ready.

Rosie was home, and since I hadn't seen a lot of her around Skyfall lately I decided to drop by just to make sure everything was ok. She seemed fine, but wanted me to fetch her a piece of fruit to help her out with her latest obsession. I happily pulled a perfect apple from my storage and handed that to her, receiving a tent rug in return.

Just as I had finally started making my way around Skyfall, Bree stopped me to ask if I was able to get her six signatures from another town to help with her Ban Scary Clowns petition. Sadly, I honestly didn't have the time to get signatures for her, so I had to decline her request, which seemed to upset her a little... sorry!

With Bree sorted, I finally made my way to the plaza, where Redd had pitched his tent, and again, much like the last painting I bought off him, the real one he had in stock today was one I needed not that long ago, before I bought it from someone online... I know this game likes to troll me, but I had no idea it enjoyed trolling my this much...

Fake - the shell is closed

Real - there is no fake

Fake - she should be looking the other way

Fake - the index fingers are too long

Day 434

Rosie was home once again, and like I said earlier, since she's been quiet lately, I decided to drop by to see what was happening. She wasn't up to much, but she had somehow got word that I was after a folding chair and handed me one. I don't really have and need for it, but it was a nice gesture none the less.

Much like every other Saturday this month, I totally forgot about the fireworks festival this Sunday, so it was nice to see the reminder on the bulletin board. Just like the other festivals, I'll include this one in Monday's Last Nights Caper section.

Timbra really hasn't made much of an impression on me yet, even if she's only been in Skyfall for a few days, I still don't feel anything towards her (as rude as that sounds, sorry). It didn't do her any favors today when she asked to come over to my house at a set time, which I had to politely decline. I do see me and Timbra getting along in the future, I just hope she sticks around for a while so that can happen.

On the 20th of each month I check at the post office for a new DLC, and today the next DLC had been released, the Virgo Harp. This is probably one of my favorite pieces of the astrology set so far, not sure why, I just like how it looks and sounds. Hopefully once I'm done with my house and museum display rooms I can find the perfect place for it.

Despite Timbra's rude awakening not that long ago, she did inform me that Agnes still had plans to leave Skyfall, which is tomorrow if I remember correctly. Seriously, what is it with Skyfall's villagers lately... First Mira left after being in Skyfall not that long, then Frobert, and now Agnes..? I'm not complaining, I really do like getting different villagers, but I am finding it weird.

...And finally, after a long awaited 3 months (ok it's probably only been like one month, but it honestly feels like forever), I finally got another public works project suggestion, by none other that Beau, who suggested the sandbox. I really don't think I'll ever build this one, but man, it's nice to finally receive another suggestion!

Unrelated News
Happy about what I've got done in the past few days. Also it's not for another week, but my friend just messaged me about it, so it's fresh on my mind, but next Friday we're having a going away party for my friend, as she's going to Japan for university, which starts at 5pm, so I'm not sure if that post will be up earlier or later, of if it'll be the next day like today's post. Anyway, that's about a whole week away, so we'll worry about that then. Now off to watch some more Pokemon. Cya!


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